Harold Cothanger Meets God

Another lady slammed the door shut on Me. This time it was because she thought I look like a pervert.

I crossed the road sighing. I don't look like a pervert do I? Someone was thinking about what they were having for lunch tonight. All of a sudden they became very very terrified. I turned to look where this mind was comming from. It was a white transit van skidding uncontrolably towards me.


I woke slowly. I apeared to be on a cloud before a very large gate.

"Harold Cothanger." The voice boomed. To test your way into heaven you will need to answer fivehundred and ninty six questions. So I sat and picked his brain giving him the answers he was thinking. He eventually let me in.

I marched straight up to him. The big shiney man surounded by dogs and various other creatures with wings.

"You!" I pointed a finger at him. I had been waiting for yeras for this."Why ME? I could give women whatever they wanted in bed. I can hear their thoughts! Yet you made me look like a ... a PERVERT and now they wont sleep with me!"

The End

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