The Misadventures Of A Girl Named Patrick

Sighing, Patrick closed the door of her apartment. It had been a long day at work and her vision was starting to blur into a sickening blob of blobby sickness. It kind of looked like the sashimi one of the diners had thrown up tonight. Ick.

Walking through her sparsely furnished living room, Patrick stumbled down a small hallway to her bedroom. She shrugged off her jacket and tossed it to the floor, not caring about the piles of old Chinese takeout cartons she'd knocked over. Patrick's eyes focused for a second on a fly sitting on her bedspread.

"Oh, Jeremiah! I thought you'd flown out the window!" Patrick cried, squatting down to look at her pet fly of three days.

Jeremiah merely shuffled his six legs and flew onto one of the discarded cartons.

"Aren't you a smart widdle fly? Oh yes you are," Patrick cooed and decided to leave Jeremiah alone to feast on the rotting food because she knew that she certainly did not appreciate people watching her eat. In fact, it was kind of a problem when she ate in public places.

Patrick unpinned her nametag from her pink kimono -- she hadn't bothered to change out of it before coming home -- and placed the gold (it wasn't actually gold, but she liked to think of it as gold) rectangle onto her already messy desk. Hopefully she would be able to find it tomorrow.

Lying down on her bed still in her work uniform, Patrick closed her eyes. She was too tired to change out of it and she was too tired to brush her teeth or wash her face even.

Aside from the diner who had puked, work today hadn't been all that bad, Patrick concluded. Only ten guests had given her weird looks after staring at her nametag. Okay, so maybe it wasn't an occasion to add to her scrapbook or anything, but it still made her feel like there was only one sun in the universe shining and it was shining down on her so that she was warm and maybe a little suntanned (but not too much).

Rolling over so that she lay on her stomach like a seal, Patrick thought about her date tomorrow with her boyfriend, Kane. They were planning on going out to the park for a lunchtime picnic. She'd known Kane for about two years now, but they had only begun dating three months ago when they had both discovered a shared love for Chinese takeout. Disappointingly, they hadn't reached first base yet.

Wondering if tomorrow would be the day when she would finally reach first base with Kane, Patrick yawned and fell asleep.

The End

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