the miniature dwarfs

You are resting in your backyard sipping lemonade. Your mum makes the best lemonade, companies have been trying to buy the recipe off of her for years, but no amount of money will ever make her reveal her secret ingredient, even you dont know it.

As you are sipping this liquid gold, a tiny moving speck catches your attention, and when you look closer you see that it is actually a large group of little, people!

you are unsure how to act, you called your mother, but there is no response.

Carefully you walk around the large stream of ongoing, things, coming from inside the house. What are they carrying? It looks almost like flesh or meat, whatever it is, you are sure you wouldn't want to eat THAT.

As you make your way inside you stop suddenly in your tracks as there, lying in the middle of the kitchen floor, Is your mother. you dont move for what seems like an hour, but whats really only fifteen seconds.

These little Humans, the size of ants, are carrying flesh and organs from inside your mothers body.

Contrary to your previous cautiousness you start stamping on all of them you could find, the more dead the better in your opinion, but as as anger subsides, and realism sets in, you realise that there are too many, and that the smarter thing would be to follow them to their, umm, you aren't quite sure what they'd live in, but you'll go there all the same.

you follow them for about half an hour through the countryside until you happen apon a cave set straight into a grassy hill.

All of the things are streaming inside the cave and into miniature caves on each side. Do you

The End

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