The Minds Escape 35Mature

July 19, 2018

7:14 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Shell, Jonny, and I all have been walking all day long. We are just seeing plant life. What looks like trees and bushes and just basic plant life. Not a sign of bandits. Though we passed through a number of small ghost towns and passed many gas stations. It’s a shame we don’t have a car. The wildlife is hostil as ever though. We have plenty of supplies to last us for a couple of weeks. Everything is just nice. No resistance. No bandits. No problems. What I call the calm before the storm. Jonny has good eyes, but he might not even be able to see whatever Fine’ has planned for us next. Another town? An ambush in the wilderness? Just makes me far to jumpy. We have enough guns and ammunition to take care of any situation. So why is my gut tel

7:18 P.M.

Sniper fire. To the west. Nearly took off Jonny’s head. Bullets slamming into food and ground around where the fire was. Lights out. Another shot . There must be at least 3 snipers. We all will take them ourselves. Beginning to flank around the ridge towards sniper 1. Will use the thinly populated “forest” for concealment. Using Jonny as bait.

7:53 P.M.

Sniper 1 and 3 taken down. It’s up to Jonny now. These guys are mercs. No specific uniform or badges. They have a contract from Fine’ for me and Shell. But they have an old bounty on Jonny. Crudelly written. Traitor.

8:12 P.M.

Jonny finished the last Mercenary. We all are too tired to talk now from the ordeal. Least I am. I’m sleeping and taking 3rd watch. I’ll talk to Jonny tomorrow about the whole traitor bounty on his ass. Wish he had told us about it in the first place though. I'll check on our supplies in the morning. Damn I'm tired. 

The End

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