The Minds Escape 34Mature

July 17, 2018

11:57 A.M.

Mark Kinsley

These bandits we keep killing. These “turned” men of the wasteland. Do they have families? Are they still humans? Or are they like zombies that neither feel pain nor remorse for their acts? If I shoot and kill one, does he have a family that was waiting for him to come home with supplies and food? Or did they kill their own family to get to where they are. So much blood is on my hands. Yet I don’t know whose or why it’s there. I simply killed them to survive. To stay alive for my goal. Is that why they kill others as well? To fulfill their goal that they have set on themselves? Or are they really just animals killing other men and women for nothing but the sport? That’s the mystery of killing someone else I suppose. Not knowing what repercussions, if any at all, that your act had caused. But I guess in the wilderness it’s all put aside. Peoples’ past and future are put aside and the present is what is focused on. The now. Is that still a justification? I would gladly kill a Fine’ soldier or officer without a second thought. But these bandits must have a reason for doing what they do. Maybe… I wonder if they hate Fine’ just as much as we do. 

The End

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