The Minds Escape 33Mature

July 16, 2018

8:46 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Went to Andrews’s funeral……

We left Shantytown and proceeded to head toward the East coast. On our way out of the town I ran into Guy. He gave me a machete. When I asked him why he replied with, “There are going to be wooded areas soon and you won’t be able to get through them lest you chop down sections, Mark. You’re not the only one getting a blade.” He handed Shell a machete as well. We had already grabbed our guns and ammunition and filled our packs with as many rations and water bottles as we could carry without hindering our speed. Now we had to strap these long blades to our legs? For trees? It didn’t seem to make sense. I had my knife and Shell is a damn good shot. What would I need a machete for? That wasn’t the only other thing we picked up. On our way out of the town we ran into Jonny at the gate. He was carrying a bag on his back and a rifle slung over his shoulder. He greeted us with a, “Hey guys. I’m coming with you.” I said hell no. I didn’t think we had the supplies for 3 people. Shell talked me into letting him come along and damnit I don’t like it. He had some knives strapped to his belt. I don’t care. What the hell is he doing here and what on earth do we need him for? Well we ran into a small group of scavengers looking to make a fast buck off wanderers in the wasteland. Before we had any chance to pull out our guns they had us at gunpoint. Well lo and behold Jonny had disappeared. But then we heard a gunshot and one of the men fell dead with a hole in his head. I seized the opportunity to test these machetes. So I promptly and quickly cut the other man down. These things are in fact a beautiful weapon. Well we decided to take some of their ammo and supplies. Bags were full of tradable junk. But Jonny isn’t too bad of a shot. Least he thinks quick.

Shell thinks my writing to mundane. Going on and on that the readers of my Journal would be bored to tears reading about sections of my life that don’t sound exciting. I think I’m just trying to get my thoughts out. So to those who find and have read this far, maybe my life will be more exciting. Which brings me to hope I die at least after that corporate pig behind Fine’ had tasted the bullet I’ll put in his mouth.

That’s all Journal. Till again we speak.

The End

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