The Minds Escape 32Mature

Juyl 13, 2018

9:38 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Okay Journal… This is how today started. I woke up around 8:15 this morning to take my walk through the town. I was planning to go to the ranges that F.A.N uses to practice, so I brought my guns with me. My .357 revolver and the shotgun I picked off of the last Fine’ “Assassin” Calvin. I took my usual route past the gun store and the barber shop. I spent about 30 minutes there when I heard an explosion come from the way of the main street of the town. I ran with my gun in hand toward the sound. Then I saw it, bandits. In force they had attacked the town. I did what I could to help the town hold them back. Running into shops and blasting every bastard in sight. In total I must have killed about 10 out of the seemingly 130 that came through. Guy held his shop without a problem. It was, however, horrifying watching just how skilled that the barber was with his razor. He must have slit at least 15 men’s throats through the whole ordeal. I saw the kids shooting at some bandits briefly. They aren’t half bad. But what caught me was when it was all over. The death count on the bandits was around 74 and most of the others got out either wounded or shitting their pants. But our death toll as about 21 and 53 wounded. Among the dead counted the barkeep, a number of civilians, 3 resistance members, and Andrew. The little black haired kid from a couple days ago. Julius was wounded getting him out of the battlefield. He will be fine, but damnit now we have kids dying. I have to leave soon. This town is a good place. But I can’t stay right now. I will leave after the funerals are all over. Shell has agreed to this. So she will be coming. She told me that Johnny is going to come with us though. Right now I couldn’t give an answer. So that’s still to be debated. I just hate this war were in. I hope Ellen is okay. That’s…. all. 

The End

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