The Minds Escape 31Mature

July 11, 2018

5:51 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

I saw those kids again Journal. The little blonde one came up to me and told me his name was Tim. He said the black kid was Julius and the kid with the straight black hair was Anthony. I asked them what they always do here in this alley they always play in. They said they talk and play and just hang out. Then I wondered and asked them where they were from. They replied that they were all from different parts of the town. “How did you all meet then?” I asked. Their response caused me to freeze. They replied that they met in the military training camp one day during firing exercises. Tim’s gun had backfired and almost shot him straight into his face and that his gun had slightly exploded and had luckily not done him many deep wounds, but superficial scars. Julius and Anthony were shooting next to him when this happened and rushed him to medical care. They had been friends ever since. But damnit these are kids fighting a war. If I do anything else to stop Fine’ it’s for these kids to finally be able to be kids while they still can. Fine’….. They will pay for hardships they have caused this country. I hate them, despise them, and damn them to hell for all of eternity for this bullshit. You don’t make kids fight. And they have volunteered to help so it’s obviously nobody else’s fault that they may die except Fine’. I talked to their superior at the small military encampment in the southern part of town. He said he asked them if they knew what they were getting into and explained what this war was on the inside of it. They held fast and enlisted in the Resistance forces. I asked what the Resistance was called at this question. Nobody had ever actually said the name of the Resistance. So the man told me. The Resistance is called whatever the individual is fighting for. But consecutively they fight for freedom. Therefore, Journal, it’s plainly the F.A.N. Freedoms Alliance of the Nation. And these kids… they signed up to be in the F.A.N. This world is a hell still Journal. I’ll have to remind myself of that constantly.      

The End

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