The Minds Escape 30Mature

July 10, 2018

2:30 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

I’ve been sitting here at Dirty Water for about 2 hours now and I still haven’t found anything else out about the town. I met the waitress, Tess, and the barkeep, Steve. Couple of nice folks I would say. If I hadn’t been told already I would have guessed Tess was a stripper and acted as an informant for the resistance out when she was in the brothels. As for Steve… Well good ol Steve was a bootlegger. Nothing more. Claimed to have made, and still does, the best and cheapest liquor in the whole damn country. So when I tried a sip I had to agree. Cept I couldn’t drink any more than a sip for now. Damn strong stuff. Probably gave me the strongest shit on at the bar to get a laugh. Everyone is still so new to me. But they all seem to remember me. Its and awkward feeling Journal. But slowly I keep relearning bout the people. Also someone asked me if I wanted to head out sometime before I leave for a little scrounging party for the town. I agreed to it of course. The little guy that asked was Phil. He was so damn skinny I swear if I had shaken his hand a little harder his whole arm could have snapped. The guy knows how to get around though. Turned my back and in a flash he was up a wall and running on the rooftops . Anyway, not much else to talk about cept Shell. She is off again talking to some resistance officials that are in town trying to exchange supplies that they found and asking about their next move. Ill ask her about it tomorrow. Maybe if I’m not drunk as hell when I leave here. The atmosphere is just so friendly. As if there isn’t a care in the world. 

The End

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