The Minds Escape 29Mature

July 9, 2018

4:17 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

I went and got my gun this morning. I almost couldn’t recognize it. It must have had a shitload of rust on the barrel. And the firepower it has now when I test fired it felt like it was going to tear my wrist off. It takes an amount of concentration to make sure it stays in your hand. This man is amazing. I asked for his the guy’s name that remade my gun. He just said that everyone calls him the Gun-Guy. So I took this name to him myself. Cept I thought I would just call him Guy. But I asked him how he knew what to do with it. That’s when I learned a little more about this town. There is a Fine’ resistance in this town. And Guy is in this resistance. He MAKES the guns! Literally scoops up other guns, polishes em up or takes them apart, and gives them to the resistance. He is very good at what he does. He even bragged he was the best. He also told me that if I found any parts or scrap he could use to get them back to him. He said that even though this town isn’t rich, he still has money. I asked if he meant trading goods instead. He said, “No son, legit money. Cash. Green Paper.” So I agreed. Doesn’t hurt to try to actually buy things now doesn’t it. So as I left his store I noticed the same kids from yesterday playing. This time they were passing around a ball. I didn’t stay around this time. So I went to the barber shop. The shop looked legit enough. So I sat down to a shave. The barber himself looked like a 33 year old man with a history behind him. He had a scar running from his forehead down past his left eye and ending at his left jawbone. It looked like whatever happened it must have severely hurt. I decided not to bring it up. His own hair was about that of milk chocolate. Except it was hair… and not chocolate. I wondered how the hell his hair could naturally be that color. Then I wondered if he had had something done to it. As he gave me the shave he asked my name and where I was from. You know, the normal questions. Before I could answer my name he said,” I’m just joking! Everyone here knows you Mark. Glad you got out of hell! You seen Shelley around?” I told him that I had come here with her. “That’s great! So she quite the café thing huh. That’s good. Didn’t quite suite her anyway. Probably beat up a couple of patrons too!” at this he gave a hearty laugh. I’m glad he knew what he was doing too cause he pulled the razor away from my neck just before he laughed. “You’re acting funny Mark. You remember me right? Jesse the barber?” I told him that this was my first time coming here that I remembered. “Ah shit! Well I’ll tell ya bout here than.” he said. What he told me surprised me. He said that of course this place was built to get away from Fine’ but the thing about it was that everyone here built it. Using scraps from the deserted areas they built Shantytown. The name itself was decided on because anyone could say it and nobody would understand the meaning of the word unless someone had been there. Namely resistance people. But the real shocker was when he said why this place was built away from Fine’. Everyone here is an outcast. Someone that has been shunned. They are shunned because they all committed crimes. Killing, stealing, dealing, anything you can think of. Jesse himself used to own a nice barber shop in the eastern part of this country. Whenever an official of Fine’ or an employee would come in he could slit their throats with the same razor he used on me to give me my shave. He got caught when he was trying to slit the throat of a Fine’ officer. The officer took his razor and gave Jesse his scar. He didn’t do it quickly either. But in the end the officer got his neck broken and Jesse got patched up and headed over here on a hunch. Took him months he said, but he made it. Everyone here has a story. Everyone here is just amazing. Jesse said I should probably hit up the bar near the center of town. Get some work there and find out some information. So tomorrow I will go to the bar. It’s supposed to be called Dirty Water. I thought that was pretty original. Course I can’t remember anything really so everything seems original to me. But for now I am going to sleep here in my shack. Shell is off doing whatever. She left early this morning. See you tomorrow friend.    

The End

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