The Minds Escape 28Mature

July 8, 2018

7:30 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

We walked into the town today. I went in with a hand on my gun ready to pull the trigger. But as we entered onto the main road people stopped and looked at us. I imagined their guns flying out to shoot us down. I readied myself. Then Shell did something I never expected. She yelled, “I’m back everyone!” This stunned me as children ran to her and hugged her. Women welcomed her and men asked about her travels. There I stood. Dumbfounded. She had been here before? She knew that this place was safe? Why not tell me before? I asked her and she said that I wasn’t ready for it. I agreed with her. The locals welcomed me as her brother. They knew me. We were taken to a shack in the center of town and given as many supplies as we needed. I took a walk around to clear my head. A couple of kids were playing with sticks. Acting as if they were swords. I watched them for a while and even cheered them on. This place is amazing. The amount of care that everyone has. It’s a complete opposite from the outside. I found a gun shop and looked around. The clerk there asked to see my belt. I had Calvin’s revolver on it. I showed him the gun and he asked to see it for a day to clean and upgrade it as much as possible. He explained to me that he loved working on guns. It gave him peace. He was a man in his 50’s at least. So I gave it to him and I plan to go back tomorrow to retrieve it . I passed by a barber shop on the way back. Or at least that’s what the sign said it was. I’ll get a shave tomorrow then. But for now I need to rest. I plan to spend some time in this paradise. It’s a literal paradise for us. Shell can catch up and I can relax. Who knows, I might make some more allies besides Shell. Nah! No way. I can’t let this paradise be found by Fine’. I can tell that Fine’ doesn’t know about this place because of the fact that it is here to begin with. Fine’ would never tolerate this. Especially all the way out here. Till tomorrow Journal. I will tell you what “adventure” I will have in town today. OH YEAH! I forgot to tell you. This place has a name. The name is as plain as the place. Shantytown. Plain .Right Journal!

The End

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