The Minds Escape 26Mature

July 6, 2018

2:11 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Finally I found some paper! About 4 sheets of it. Paper around here is really hard to find, surprisingly….. But I look everywhere I can for it. Nobody really hoards paper. It isn’t essential for survival entirely. It’s usually a commodity and isn’t common amongst the commoners. But if you have it nobody thinks anything of it. It DOES however make a really good tradable item for the masses. Anyway, we found a couple more abandoned shacks in the time frame I last wrote. Fought back against some more bandits. They are EVERYWHERE! The bounty on us has apparently gone up to $16,000,000,000. And now I see why people want the money. Though trade is the most common form of currency, to get up in the world today money is necessary. No one person can trade their way up the ladder of superiority. But the amount on us can buy a serious amount of political power. But it feels ridiculous to have such a large amount on us. But Fine’ REALLY wants me back to them or killed. What did I do? Why do they want this? Either way, I’m not going back to them without the biggest fight they have ever encountered. I will not give the Hooded Man the satisfaction. Not unless I am there to kill that godforsaken bastard. Shell is doing well. She is healing rather well. And still sporting that hat from Calvin. Well, nothing more to report. I’ll talk to you again, Journal.

The End

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