The Minds Escape 25Mature

July 2, 2018

5:47 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Journal, the past came back to haunt me. Though in a way I thought wasn’t possible. Fine’ found ME. I went outside today because the storm was down to a strong wind. Not much dust was flying so I felt it was alright for me to go outside and look around. So I did. I spent most of the day outside looking around for any other supplies we might need to move out. Suddenly I found myself being shot at. I dove into cover with nothing but my revolver to fight with. This of course meant 6 shots at whatever, or whoever, it was trying to kill me. There was a loud cackle of laughter that burst through the dust and wind. A man in a cowboy hat and duster came out of the dust. In his hands he held 2 sawed off double barreled shotguns. Wow that’s a mouthful….. Anyway! They obviously weren’t the guns used to shoot at me. 6 shots were fired. That’s when I looked at his sides and saw a pair of 8 shot revolvers at his hips. “YOU! You’re gonna die boy!” He screamed at me. “You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you Mark! Allow me to introduce myself to ya! My name is Calvin! The other guards call me Cowboy!” At that he gave out the same cackle of laughter. But I didn’t remember there being another guard that watched me. “I used to take over the night shifts after you fell asleep! Gave the others a break before dawn! Kept em from killin ya for takin up their time!” he explained. I wondered if all he could do was yell. But I didn’t have enough time to think because he began to fire off one of his shotguns. I ducked into cover to avoid the sudden shots. “You got quite the bounty on your head! I intend to claim that bounty! It’s worth more than my pay could give me!” He fired the rounds out of the other shotgun and hit the barrier separating me from his guns and my body. I fired off a round from behind the cover. He then clicked his guns back together from the reload and ran around trying to shoot at me. The skirmish lasted for about 30 mins before he ran out of shells for the shotguns. He threw them aside and pulled out one of his revolvers. He fired sparingly at me to conserve ammunition I believe. This was at the point that I realized that he was truly into the cowboy persona that the other guards had claimed him to be. I asked from behind cover, “Why don’t we settle this here and now! We have a standoff in the open! Deal?!” He replied with, “HELL YA! Get your money filled ass out here so I can shoot it!” He holstered his revolver as I walked into the open. I thought he would cheat and shoot me there the whole time, but he didn’t. I checked my gun to make sure it had ammunition in it. It did. I put it back into the holster and stood far from him. We waited. And waited. And waited. The waiting felt like hours. Though only minutes passed. We drew our guns and fired. He fired first, but because of his excitement he missed me because he fired too quickly. My practice had paid off. I pulled the trigger and a puff of red burst out of his chest from the bullet I put there. He fell backward with a thud. As I stood there I heard clapping. Shell had seen the whole standoff from the balcony. As she made her way down she was chuckling to herself. I never imagined that she would be so happy to see me kill someone. But I suppose it was the skill I had used that made her laugh. She walked to the corpse of Calvin and picked up his hat. She promptly planted it onto her head. “How does it look?” She asked me with a smile. “It looks like I hate westerners.” I replied jokingly. She couldn’t hold her laughter in as she began a short laugh. “But it looks good on you” It matched the bandits clothing that I had to put on to her from when she had first been shot. I walked over and picked up the 8 shot that he had missed me with. I traded it for my 6 shot that I tossed at his corpse. Shell looked at me. “I figured that he wouldn’t be needing it anymore. And I wouldn’t mind an upgrade.” She shrugged and said, “OK” as she made her way back to the room. I called to her saying, “Don’t you want to bury him? He DID try harder than the other lot.” “You can bury him if you want, but I don’t want to.” She replied. I buried him with his guns stuck in the mound. But before I did I decided to relieve him of his duster. I needed a better coat. Plus, it fit the scenery. In short, a very event-full day. Calvin completed my suspicions that Fine’ was trying to find me. But for the bounty? I don’t think that was why. I suppose we will be moving out tomorrow since Shell is walking around. Course I won’t push her to hard. But I’ll write to you again when I find more paper. Till then, Journal. 

The End

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