The Minds Escape 24Mature

June 30, 2018

9:22 A.M.

Mark Kinsley

Whoa. THAT was a nap! I slept for just about 3 days straight! When I woke up Shell made me promise her to not work that hard again. Because I would do it again she said. “Working hard like that is going to make you do that, Mark!” Good to know she cares about me though. If she didn’t, then I would be scared. The storm is calming down outside enough for me to go outside I think. But not enough for us to be out there and traveling. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about Journal. It’s the dream I had. The one I remembered. It went a little bit like this.

I was flying through the air high above the ground. I soared like a bird and felt free and without worry. But I was suddenly transported to the ground. There I was dawned in armor and carried a large sword. In front of me a larger than life was going on. I rushed into the fray and began felling enemy after enemy. With each death I felt a pang of regret and pain in me. But I continued to kill more and more. Making my way to the center of the battle. There I met the captain of the opposing force. We fought. Every move I made he would counter. And every move he made I would counter. The battle raged around us. Though no other helped in our fight. It was him and I locked in combat. Uninterrupted by no one. In the end I felled him with my sword. Stabbing him in his heart. With that I felt an immense pain. That pain woke me up 3 days later apparently.

It felt real though Journal….. Anyway, I thought I would just let you know that friend. I will speak to you later. Though I only have one piece of paper left. The bandits burned most of theirs to make fire. But I could have sworn I had more before I fell asleep. Oh well. Speak to you later Journal.

The End

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