The Minds Escape 22Mature

June 28, 2018

8:17 A.M.

Shelley Kinsley

Journal, Mark still hasn’t woken up. He is still breathing at least. I guess he really hasn’t gotten much, if any, sleep after all. I wonder if he is dreaming. I wonder what he is dreaming about. If I had to bet money on it I would so say it was Ellen. I think that’s what drives him so hard to want to push forward. But I don’t know if we are gonna actually be able to take out Fine’. I just have a feeling about it. Maybe this quest is for nothing. Maybe we are just wasting time. Well… if we are, we should at least have fun while doing it. Right? I mean, we ARE entitled to have fun. We don’t ALWAYS have to be serious. Right? Well anyways my arm still hurts and my leg has at least started to become bearable. Mark obviously can’t get the pain killers and meds that I need since he is asleep. So I decided to grab the shotgun that Mark carries around and stand guard. And I’m administering my own medication. This shotgun he picked up is nice. It’s really useful and the kick on it is really light despite the power coming out of the barrel. It’s got plenty of ammunition too. So I’m ready for anyone to come through that door. ALSO, I figured out that me and Mark are worth $15,000,000,000!! THAT’S A BOUNTY JOURNAL!! Well I don’t know what else to tell you. The storm still hasn’t stopped so were still stuck. Supplies are fine. I’ll just clean my AK-47 I guess. It’s probably really dirty from the fight. Well, see ya!

The End

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