The Minds Escape 21Mature

June 27, 2018

12:20 P.M.

Shelley Kinsley

Hi, Marks’ Journal. Been a while huh? Well it seems like the storm has set in. I can hear the winds outside. And in this environment, that’s usually not good. And I’m talkin dust storms that will dry a man’s lungs out if he’s out too long. But I’m just glad we found this place. My shoulder hurts and my leg constantly feels like dead burning weight. He doesn’t know that this paper is gonna be in here Journal. I’m smart like that. When I see he is pretty far away from this date, ill slip this on in. Smart huh? Wow, I’m talkin to paper now. Guess that’s how we Kinsley do thing. Mark has been working non-stop for my welfare. It’s touching, but he needs to rest. And by the looks of things it looks like his body caught up to him. He is so sweet. I’m just glad he got out of that prison. It was made strickly for debtors. It should be for mass murders. But out here we have a bounty system for that stuff. We are worth somethin like $15,000 each or $40,000 for both. Personally that’s insulting. I think we should be worth more. There was something in Marks eyes when we were shooting at those bandits while back. It was a kind of cool calm concentration. Like he was resolved to do nothing but to kill them. I wonder if that was all for me. No! What am I saying!? It’s totally all for Ellen. I know that. But something in me wants all of his hard work to be for me. After all, I AM the younger of us. I guess it’s just second nature. Thinking like this reminds me of Jonny. I wish I knew where he was. What he’s doing. Who he is with…. STOP! You’re not gonna think like that Shell. Pull together. Of course he isn’t with anyone. That’s not his style. AH! Look at all of this graphite!!! Where did it come from?! Oops. I didn’t mean to scribble EVERYTHING to you Journal. Sorry. I’ll stop and let you account all this. Goodbye. 

The End

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