The Minds Escape 19Mature

June 26, 2018

 12:13 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Earlier this morning I found out that we were low on supplies in our room so I went out to the storage facility that the bandits had set up. I grabbed some boxes of food and a couple gallons of water. I had to make about 2 trips to make sure we didn’t have to leave the room. One trip before and one trip after what me and Shell realized what happened. After I got back with a box of food and a gallon of water Shell greeted me. I set down the supplies on a counter near the door. Shell wanted to get up and help me with the stocking. I knew she absolutely had to still be hurting from the wound on her arm. So naturally I tried to stop her from moving around too much. Let alone standing up. But when I turned around to protest she had already gotten up. She screamed in pain. I had no idea whether a sniper had shot her or her arm really really hurt. But when I looked over I thought of the first option. There was blood coming down her left leg from the outer part of her thigh and from the inner part of her calf. She cringed in pain as she fell to the carpeted floor. Luckily the floor was carpeted because she fell hard. She laid there and screamed. Apparently during the fight we had with the bandits had hurt more than her arm. She had graze wounds on her leg looked like knife slashes. And they bled like new. Immediately I patched her up. I mean, she is my sister. So of course I would. But I hadn’t realized I had done it. So in order to make sure that she doesn’t hurt herself anymore…. I kinda searched her body. Journal, I had to make sure. Luckily she didn’t have any other wounds other besides a couple of bruises from falling into cover that were already mostly healed. So afterward I went out for even more supplies. I want to make sure she heals as fast as possible. So now I have to change her bandages and keep her painkillers coming more often now. We have to get moving towards the city. We HAVE to learn more about Fine’ if we are to beat them. If we are to destroy them for making this country a hellish desert. I will always tell you about my travels Journal. I won’t leave any of the details out when Fine’ is brought down by the Kinsley Kids. Like our name? We made it up last night. I thought it was catchy so I decided to keep it. I will talk to you again another time Journal.  

The End

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