The Minds Escape 18Mature

June 23, 2018

8:19 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Journal… Their dead now. We came across this resort and thought it would be safe. Bandits must have moved in a long time ago because they had each room outfitted just about as well as any armory. It seemed like each room housed at least 1 or 2 Bandits each. And when I say resort I mean an actual resort. Fine’ must have put this place out of business. They seem to have a knack for doing that to well to do businesses. Journal, I can’t believe how stupid I was. I said to Shell that maybe we could stay a while here before moving onto a big city. Try to heal up and to get prepared for what we knew was possibly the best scenario for when we entered the city. We know that the citizens will all try to take us down for that immense bounty. In this world, money means even more than life. It’s been like this for ever. The amount of greed in this world is so great it’s almost like I can touch it. Palpable, would be the right word. But for my mistake we paid a price. We lost quite a bit of ammunition fending off these bandits. But at least we can use theirs. Sure we gained a large amounts of recourses, but can we use it ALL?  I’m sure this place will be a main stronghold for us. I’ve been thinking of finding more people like us. People that want Fine’ gone. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. But I lose myself. Shell must have gotten hit because she is bleeding from her shoulder. And it looks bad. I’ve done my best to patch her up as well as I can. I thanked her again for letting me write in the middle of battle. She promptly responded with “Don’t worry bout it. It’s important to you. I’m here for occasions like that, right. I’ll cover your ass anytime Mark.” But she is going to need to take a break for a while. It’s really kind of funny how I was only in a prison rotting only a while ago. Now here I am patching up my sister I didn’t even remember I had. Shooting people just to survive and spending all days walking to an unknown destination. Letting Fate guide my steps. Well Fate just screwed with me and Shell. It’s a shame I can’t put a bullet in Fate to make it stop like I can a bandit. I’ve also noticed that there aren’t any civilians with shotguns running after us. Maybe we are just that far away that only bandits live out here. Or maybe all that’s left are bandits and the Fine’ corporation. Communications are run by them. So it would be pretty easy to tell an already scared and paranoid people that there is sanctuary in made up cities. I should get back to Shell. She probably needs my help about now. Talk to you again later Journal. 

The End

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