The Minds Escape 14Mature

June 21, 2018

3:31 A.M.

Mark Kinsley

What the Hell happened? How the Hell did we get into this? Journal, all we did was walk around. At dawn Shelley and I set off on foot to roam the country. We did so all day long practically. But when we came across a town, somebody started shooting at us. Shooting! We shot back, but only because he did. When we shot back we must have hit him about 5 times. He obviously fell to the ground dead. But then everyone else started shooting. There was gunfire everywhere. Shotguns, pistols, rifles and assault rifles went off. All aimed at us. We killed some of them while we tried getting away. Shelley shot a man carrying an (what I remember as being) military grade AK- 47. She shot him right in the back of the head when he was reloading. She promptly picked it up and emptied the magazine into a crowd of people coming at us from the right. They all fell dead as the bullets ripped straight through them. Military grade ammunition, I assumed. We held out for as long as we could with our remaining ammunition.  Everyone in the small town was dead. Somehow we were not shot or hurt. The only pains we experienced were the ones we had received from falling to avoid bullets whizzing past us. We’re alive. And I feel like we should be dead. We massacred a small town of 54 people. I remember way back before I went to the prison playing a videogame like this. But to see it in real life caught me off guard more than when I killed those guards in the prison all by myself. We went around the town and looted the gun shop and the grocery store. We also decided to get newer clothes, since ours were soaked with the blood of the previous citizens. At the gun shop Shelley found ammunition for the AK-47 she picked up and also got ammunition for a hunting rifle that she plucked off the shelf. I on the other hand found an intriguing pump shotgun and slung it over my shoulder. I put all of the ammunition I could carry for the shotgun and my pistol that I could in the bag I had at the time. The bag quickly became heavy and I thought that the leather was going to break in half. But surprisingly it didn’t. I also fancied myself a 6 shot revolver that I liberated from the display case of the pistols. There wasn’t much ammunition for it so I loaded it on the spot and stashed the rest away. Shelley figured that the rifle was too much so she put it down, along with the ammunition for it. We both picked up another bag and took as much food as we could carry in it. As for the clothes, Shelley decided to wear black skinny jeans and a yellow long sleeve shirt. She decided to keep her black and white checkered shoes on. I chose a more low key color scheme. Blue comfortable jeans with a white shirt covered by a khaki jacket. Under the jacket I kept a shoulder holster for my pistol. And conveniently it also had enough pockets in it to hold at least 5 magazines of ammunition for the said pistol. While at my side I kept the revolver in a holster in case I needed it. I kept my brown workers boots on of course. But with all of these actions finished we went into one of the houses for the night. We found ourselves glued to the T.V. trying to see what the news was. What I saw is what has kept me up this late. We were wanted. Seriously wanted by Fine’. Not even alive. Fine’ wanted us dead. That was why we were attacked. $ 13,000,000,000 for the both of us.  Half of that for only one. We are the most wanted people in this country. And Fine’ wanted to make sure  we were dead.  And it seems to be working. So here I am on watch while Shell is sleeping. Journal…. I hate this. Are we going to be able to survive with a whole country wanting our deaths? I suppose we will figure out, huh. I hate to say it, but sometimes apathy and disregard for what is going on around you seems like something I really want right now…..

The End

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