The Minds Escape 13Mature

June 20, 2018

5:39 A.M.

Mark Kinsley

I write to you Journal because I want to tell you of a dream I had. I was sitting on a ship in the middle of the ocean. There I was, free as a bird to the sky. On the setting suns horizon I spotted an island off in the distance. Feeling the surge of being on a boat overcome me, I exclaimed “Land Ho!” Then I was there on the beach almost instantaneously. The sky was dark and cast a dim shadow on the white sand. I gazed at the forest of trees in from of me and began to move forward. I treaded through the strange forest as easily and without such care as such that I might as well have been walking down a street. I came to a temple and stood at the gates. It was astonishingly intact. The gates opened wide and I was engulfed in darkness. Arrows zoomed at me and pierced my skin. I died… With this I awoke and rushed over to you Journal. I can’t help but feel very wary about this omen dream. Nevertheless, Shelley and I are to set out to find out the whereabouts of Ellen and to take down Fine’. But only once she wakes up. She lies there peacefully asleep. Almost as if nothing was wrong at all with the world. I feel I spend all of my free time writing in you Journal. It’s an odd feeling to just write now. But it calms me. I feel that I can tell you anything and not be criticized about it. You’re always here when I need you. But I would like for Ellen to replace you Journal. In the sense that I could talk to her again. I would not ever stop writing to you friend. I took a look at the gun again. The one I used at the prison. It’s a reliable model pistol. I looked up what to expect from it online. At least the internet is free these days. If not, that’s another reason for Fine’ to come after me. Not paying them. They steal everything from the people. But I ramble, Journal. I will tell you of any events I deem necessary once again once I have time. We will set out at dawn. Which is conveniently when Shell wakes up. Yes Journal, her nickname is Shell. She gave me special permission to call her by it and even more permission to allow me to use it in my writing to you. She is seriously such a child. We stayed up after we inventoried and divided supplies and played card games! Card games, Journal! I noticed during this that I need to work on my poker game. Anyway, till next I write to you. 

The End

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