The Minds Escape 12Mature

June 19, 2018

10:56 P.M.

Mark Kinsley

Kinsley… Journal… I forgot my own people. My own sister… Shelley told me. She told me everything… That she was my sister. And she told me what I told her to tell me when I got out of the prison. She told me that I told her to take care of me for a while and to let myself recover. If that didn’t go as planned, to help me to run from the Warden, The Hooded Man I as I now know him to be. She pointed out the large bag I had been keeping to myself and regarded the other pistol I had stashed away. She said that I couldn’t have picked up a second one just for no reason. That a part of me remembered a little bit of my plan. My plan to find and save Ellen from her fate at the hands of this organization. She called it Fine’ Corp. I couldn’t help but find the name a tad bit strange to call a corporation. But she told me that they were the ones that loaned out the money to Ellen’s father. And they were the ones that tried to take her to their own private prison. But because I stepped in, they took me instead. She also explained how Fine’ had taken over almost all of the economical dependencies in the country. But that because they were so powerful and controlled the whole monopoly of the country, that they had to be stopped. It was here that she revealed the gun she had on her. It was the same gun from my bag. When I tried to take it from my younger sister she insisted that I let her keep it. That I could not take down such a large corporation alone. I pleaded with my newly found sister to please not get involved. But she told me something that took me aback. She told me that I already had intended to take down the enterprise. It was before they took me away. All of these truths came flooding back to me. I remember saying that now. I remember it. Journal, I remember! I hate that corporation! But for reasons that you must know, Journal.  I hate them for what they did to my Ellen. Ellen…. I reminded her that I needed Ellen more than I needed to take down Fine’. She just smiled and said straight out “We can do both of them. With the Kinsley bro and sis, nothing will stop us from achieving our goal!” Then she smiled with a cocky certainty that made me believe her. So now here we are taking inventory on ammunition and food. We plan to go on traveling by foot. Gas is too expensive now to drive. It’s at least $10.00 per gallon. I had actually hoped that the Hooded Man was not lying about the price of gas. And I can’t just kill someone to take their wallet anytime we need cash. She didn’t seem to object though. In fact she seemed overjoyed that we were going by foot. It’s almost like we’re back to being teens. She is cleaning the other gun that I picked up and plans to take half of the ammunition that we have and store it in here on side bag. I am taken aback a little by how much about guns that she knows. She cleans each piece with a practiced certainty that makes me proud to be her brother. At least she can take care of herself. I looked at myself today in the mirror. I need a shave more or less. My brown beard is nasty and makes me look like a homeless man on the street. Not to mention my upper lip is engrossed with hair so much I couldn’t see my lips almost. I almost forgot to tell you Journal, my height and all my features. I’m taller than my sister, but not by much. Maybe 5’9” while my sister is 5’8” about. I have brighter blue eyes than my sister, but with about the same color hair. We look so similar it’s almost creepy. It’s like looking at another me. Except this me has C cup breasts. I’m of course guessing when I say that…. And feel a little awkward for having said it. Regardless, you can tell that we are related. And that’s what counts, right Journal? But I ramble now. I will leave you until next I write. Goodnight my dear friend.

The End

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