The Minds Escape 9Mature

June 16, 2018

9:13 A.M.

Mark Kinsley

How I came up with my plan to escape I can’t remember anymore.  I had a plan, but I threw it away. All I know is what I am about to tell you Journal. I woke up on the morning of June 15, 2018 in a state of resolve. That day was the opportune day to try my plan out. I attacked the guard that came into my room to stir me awake and I snapped his neck. As he lay dead in my cell I decided to steal from him everything I deemed necessary for my escape. I took his clothes and his gun and headed outside of my cell. I wandered the unknown corridors of the prison that had held me captive for so long. I went into every room I came across to find a way out. All I found was more guards. Each encounter turned into a slaughter. I relentlessly pumped bullets into them as they attempted to put me down. The feeling of rage and justice swept over me. I resolved to kill everybody in that hellish place. I killed them. Shot them as I saw them. I took all of their ammunition because I needed it. I took also a slinged bag from a guard’s quarter and filled it with necessary supplies. I filled it with food, water, another pistol, ammunition, and clothes.  I took everything. They owed me more than that for the five years of pure hell they put me through. Rage consumed me as more guards fell to me. Sirens and gunfire were all I could here as I passed through floor after floor and went through corridor after corridor. All the guards had to do to find me was to follow the piles of bodies I left in my wake. I longed that the Hooded Man would come to find me. To try to put me back in my cell.  I was tempted to find him and blow him away. To satisfy my rage against him and whatever organization has kept me from my Ellen. But at this thought I realized I had a much greater goal to achieve. I needed to find her. To show her I was okay and that everything could go back to the way it was before. I found the door to the prison and ran across the yard. I had killed more than 37 guards during my escape. I had enough supplies to last me longer than about a week. I ran. I ran as far and as long from that place as I could. I was free. The world was mine to explore. But I ran. I just ran. I can’t conceive the miles I covered and the time I spent running. I just ran until I could no more. I must have passed out Journal. I found myself in a foreign room when I woke up. I do not know whose place this is. I thought I did. Not until I met the owner of this place. Not until I met Shelley. Journal… I will speak with you again later. 

The End

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