The Minds Escape 8Mature

June 14, 2018

12:03 p.m.

Mark Kinsley

Journal I come to you today because I have advanced my plan. I now have a person that I believe is going to inadvertently get me out of here. He is one of the guards. Jeremiah is the man to see. Why you ask? I will tell you a little. You remember, Journal, when I told you of Jeremiah's' hate for having to be on guard duty? Well I intend to use his temper against him, friend. I intend to overtake him. I know that it's risky. But I have to try. Once I am out of my cell I believe that two other people here will help me. But you cant know everything Journal. What if the other guards, or even Jeremiah, was to find you? The others would be put to death instantly. I cannot risk others dying for my petty cause Journal. Not even to see Ellen again. I do not want anybody to get hurt that is to aid me. I have my plan. Now execution is all I am waiting for. I should thank Samuel for giving me new garments. This is the first time in two years I have worn decent clothing. Everything should take place at night. That's how it must be. I swear that I will see her again whether dead or alive Journal. I will see her again. I must see her again. I need to know how she is and what has happened. I need to know everything. If I don't, how do I even stand a chance outside of here. She is the only one I can go to now. I hope to be able to get out of this place with minimal casualties. Or even without being seen. But whatever happens must happen. It is the will of the Fates. Here I am talking about the Fates. God should smite me. But how can he smite me more than I have already been? Nothing surprises me anymore. At least nothing to drastic. Oh my God Journal! I talk to much. I must eat now or Anthony is going to think something of my writing. I would not want him reporting my lack of eating to the Hooded Man. If that demon was to find you Journal I would die and you would burn in a fireplace. How badly I want that demon gone from this world. But I must concentrate on my task at hand and worry about him another time. I am sure the Fates have some terrible end in store for that thing. Only the Fates know. I will leave you now Journal. Until another time.

The End

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