The Minds Escape 7Mature

June 12, 2018

10:17 p.m.

Mark Kinsley

Journal I write not only this with my pencil but with my blood as well. The Hooded Man has returned. He has returned and it is terrible. The session never seemed to end today. It seemed to go on for hours and hours. The beating, the cutting, the burning, the restraints, the whip. All of it. It all hurt much much more than I can describe to you Journal. My body bleeds so much it is hard to tell where my wounds actually are and where the blood begins from. Journal, I am in more pain than ever right now. Not only physically, but mentally Journal. The Hooded Man did not ask questions like normal, but told me about life outside this prison. It is beautiful and life carries on well. The economy has come back to a better more stable state. Gas has decreased to $3.05 a gallon. We no longer have our troops overseas but have brought them all home safely and soundly. Technology has made its newest leaps in advancements not only medically but militarily and in daily life. I want to believe all of that Journal. But something tells me I can't. But Journal, he told me about Ellen. He told me she had moved on and had found somebody to love. He told me that this man was her husband now and that they had a son and a daughter together. He told me that he spoke with her directly about me, but she had to be reminded of who I was. She had forgotten me Journal. My worst fears have come to pass. But I do not want to believe the Hooded Man. He must be trying to get me to break. Trying to see how much more I can take till I snap and lose it. But Journal no matter how hard I do not want to think about her, the more I do. The more I wonder if all he said was real or fake. I don't now Journal. I can't tell fact from fiction in this prison. I do not want her to forget me Journal. At least that much is all I ask. If you could grant me a wish Journal, be it so that she at least has not forgotten me. She is my love and my life. It would pain me more than these wounds all across and down my body to hear that. Journal I must leave you to think now. I need to remind myself everything is fine and that I need to get out of here. But now I need to see for myself if all the Hooded Man said was true. I need to know Journal. I must know all I can. Thank you again Journal. I don't know what kind of a man I would be now without you here to talk to. Until we speak again friend.

The End

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