The Minds Escape 6Mature

June 11, 2018

8:05 p.m.

Mark Kinsley

Journal I awoke today to a slight disturbance in my cell. I opened my eyes and there stood Jordan over me. He had with him his breakfast and I asked him, "Is there something the matter, Jordan?" He placed his tray down on my cell floor and he left. He gave me his breakfast Journal! He actually had a heart enough to give up his breakfast for "the slowly dying prisoner." I dared not ask him why he had done such a kindness to me for fear he would retract the favor and this savory mean would be lost. I ripped through it like a lion tears through the flesh of its prey. The bacon and the eggs mixed together and I could not help but have to swallow with a drink of juice he had also given me. I myself probably look like an animal by now. But Journal, the good fortunes of the day did not end there. Simon and Anthony  came to my cell and told me get up. I asked jokingly, "Are you two going to escort me out of this place? Am I free to go?" They gave me an answer far better than I could have imagined. I was to have lunch with Cara for a checkup on my health. Cara Journal! I saw Cara today! It was fantastic. Her hair as golden as ever, her smile as nice as it always had been, her treatments as caring as ever. I was in heaven Journal. For the first time in a long time I was happy and at ease. She corrected my drink to be tap water instead of the mop water they had been giving me. But as for the bread... they would not let her do anything about it. I was overjoyed though that she had that much power for me at least. That anyone could care for me in a place like this. They escorted me back to my cell after I answered a few questions and was taught new techniques for dealing with my pains and burns and cuts and wounds. On my way back I could not help but notice more bones in the cells on this floor, but not a single body. Nobody but me is down here. But here I sit Journal. So much good has happened this week. I am truly blessed. If maybe I was to be lucky enough to get out of here Journal. But maybe I am just that lucky. Oh who do I kid Journal. Myself most definitely. I need to remember that for every good thing that happens to me in this place, two evil things are to happen to me afterward. I must not falter for they might be trying to tear my mind apart once again. The Hooded Man has been reported to be back now. So my sessions should come back swiftly. Journal I just want a  way out. A way to escape this place and never return. A way to get back to Ellen so that we can be happy together. I must leave you now Journal. I have told you my happiness and have safeguarded you with my life. You are still my only friend here. And maybe you always will be. Goodbye for now Journal.

The End

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