The Minds EscapeMature

A story about a man trapped by himself and the outside world tring to break free

June 5, 2018

9:26 a.m.

Mark Kinsley,

The cell smells of old rotting corpses and of piss and blood. As it does every day. My life has been thrown to chaos for many reasons. Some you may not understand. I only want to get out of this damn cell. It has been five long years since i saw the daylight. Since ive seen a kind face outside of my dreams. My dreams of her. The one I trusted but was betrayed by and thrown into this dark damp loneliness. She lied to me and stole my heart away. But now, after all this time I have found a small hope. I have finally found a piece of paper and I even swiped away a pencil from my guard while he was sleeping. I have begun recording the time shifts between my meals and my "sessions." Those sessions were the only time I was ever talked to by a "human" without me asking first questions of my own. That hideous pale face behind that hood. It torments me now thinking about it. But enough about him, I have found something out. If I was to procure even the smallest of metals I could pick the lock. They built this cell fresh for me five years ago so it shouldn't be hard. I will break off a prong of the fork they give me and use that. I have found that between the times of 9:24 a.m. and 9:47 a.m. they leave me and they do it again at 5:23 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. for dinner. I could pick the lock and sneak away from this depressing place! But my windows are short and guards are everywhere I would imagine. I am ready to die. To face my creator and glare at him in the face and ask "Why did you have me lead such a miserable life?" I only want to see her again. I forgave her too long ago for her betrayal. I wonder if she remembers me. But I will die in this disgusting place if i don't at least try. My guard is coming. It seems to be Jeremiah this time. At least he gives me some sympathy before pummeling me into the dirt. I will try to grab something off him before he leaves my cell for the time.  Maybe he has another pencil i can "borrow." I will write in this makeshift journal if I can again. I must depart from you friend for my life is in danger having you here. Your now my only friend I have had in a very long time. I hope to speak to you again. Goodbye till later.

The End

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