Five years later.

The little boy let go of his mother’s hand and took off ahead of her; dodging around the stones and running across the field. She pulled her coat tight around her and followed slowly after him. It was a walk she had become accustomed to over the previous half decade, one she hated having to make. But it was one she had to make; and the reward for making it was enough to ensure she continued it.

Her son was waiting beside the rectangular chunk of rock where it protruded from the ground. She caught up to him and laid the bunch of flowers in her hand next to it; reading the inscription as she did so.

Here lies Logan Matthews, brother, son and friend. He died protecting the woman he loved. 22 February 1994- 17 June 2013.

Alyssa wiped a tear from her eye. “Hey Logan” she said. “It’s me again. It’s been five years and I still miss you so much. You were the love of my life…”

“Mommy don’t cry” Luke said, hugging his mother; his head barely above her waist.

“I’m okay baby. I just miss your Daddy is all”.

“What was Daddy like Mommy?”

“He was the most loving, and caring man I have ever met. And he was the bravest too. He saved Mommy… in more ways than one”.



Luke turned and looked at the grave. “I want to be brave like Daddy. Can I be brave like Daddy Mommy?”

Alyssa choked back her tears and hugged her son. “Of course you can sweetie. Come on, let’s go see Auntie Mia”. She took her son by the hand and led him away through the graveyard; glancing back at the spot where the love of her life was buried. “Goodbye Logan” she whispered. “I’ll be back soon”.

The End

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