Chapter Twenty-FiveMature

I woke the next morning in my own bed. Dr. Evans had done a room check late last night after the party and I’d had to hide in Alyssa’s closet until she was gone, and then get back to my own room before she got there.

It was noon before I saw any sign of Alyssa or Mia; both came down together and joined me in the canteen as I as eating lunch, both still in pyjamas. Alyssa sat next to me and gave me a kiss. “Last night was amazing Logan” she said, kissing me again. I kissed her back, tracing a finger down her spine.

“Seriously you two, get a fucking room” Mia said, feigning gagging.

“Sorry sis” I said. Alyssa giggled beside me.

“What time are your parents collecting you?” Alyssa asked Mia.

“Around six I think. They’re not collecting me, they’re sending a taxi”.


“Because they don’t want to see me” I said.

“That’s awful!” Alyssa said.

“Yeah well… not much I can do about it”.

Camilla and Jonah soon joined us and we spent the rest of the day hanging out in the common room and the garden; just the five of us. When the clocks read half five we were in the common room relaxing on the beanbags. Michael was in his usual spot on the couch, but apart from that we were alone.

“So when are you getting out of here? Both of you?” Mia asked.

“No idea” I said, and Alyssa nodded her agreement.

“They tell us the week before we get out” Camilla said. “Other than that we have no idea”.

“I hope you do soon” Mia said. “I miss having you at home Logan. And if you all get out it’ll be great, we can hang out on the outside”.

At that point Dr. Evans entered. She came across to us and smiled, then turned to Mia. “Your taxi will be here in fifteen minutes Mia”.

“Okay” Mia replied. Dr. Evans turned to leave but Mia stopped her. “Dr. Evans” she asked, “When can Logan come home?”

Dr. Evans turned back to us and smiled. “Well I was going to wait until next week to tell you, but I feel that in two weeks’ time, maybe three, you four can leave us” she said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Are you serious?” Camilla was excited.

“You have all made excellent progress during your stay” she said. “I believe you are almost ready to go home yes”. She smiled again, and made her way to the door.

“That is brilliant!” Mia said.

“I know” I agreed. I looked up as Dr. Evans exited the room, passing Kate who entered.

“Hello Kate” I heard Dr. Evans say.

“Hi Dr. Evans” Kate replied. When Dr. Evans had exited the room, Kate shut the door and put a key in the lock; sealing it. Dr. Evans came back and knocked on the outside.

“What are you doing Kate?” she asked.

“What I have to” Kate said. She turned and walked toward us, coming to a stop near the beanbags. “Hello Logan” she said. “Mia. Camilla. Alyssa”.

“What do you want?” I asked her, taking Alyssa’s hand in my own and holding it.

“I want you back Logan. I’ve tried, and tried and tried… but you just won’t come back to me”. She turned to Alyssa. “And you… you fucking stupid bitch… I tell you Logan fucked your best friend and you forgive them both? Why can’t you just give him up and let him come back to me like he belongs?”

“Kate. Fuck off” Mia said.

“Don’t tell me what to do you BITCH!” Kate said. She produced a gun from within the folds of her jumper. We all stood and backed away from her. She pointed it at Mia. “No one tells me what to do”.

“Kate! Stop pointing that gun at my sister!” I said. “Where did you get a fucking gun from? Why the fuck do you have a gun?”

“I got it in the city yesterday and snuck it back in here” she said, turning the gun on me. “And if I can’t have you, no one can. If you won’t come back to me because of these bitches… then they have to die”. Dr. Evans was banging on the door and screaming for help. I saw Michael stand up on the other side of the room. He began to move toward Kate. When he was halfway across the room, he bumped off a table. Kate jumped at the noise and spun around; her finger putting pressure on the trigger. The bullet hit him in the chest and Kate’s wrist snapped back with the recoil. Mia, Alyssa and Camilla screamed. Jonah made a move for her but she got the gun back up and pointed it at him. He backed off. Michael fell to the floor and blood pumped from his wound.

I stepped forward. “Kate… put the gun down” I said. She turned it on me. The others backed further away. “You don’t want to do this” I said.

“I have to Logan… you are mine… you don’t… you shouldn’t be with this bitch… you should be with me”.

“You are fucking insane Kate!”

“No! I am not! Now this bitch is going to die!” She swung the gun to Alyssa and I threw myself between them. I heard two loud bangs, followed by the sound of the door smashing in as the orderlies broke it down and rushed Kate. I was standing facing Alyssa. She had her arms on my sides, and there was a look of horror in her eyes. I felt a slight pain in my chest and stomach. I looked down. Blood was sprouting from where my right lung was, and also from just above my bellybutton. There were two marks in the wall where the bullets were lodged. I looked back up into Alyssa’s eyes and smiled, then coughed. Crimson liquid spilled from my mouth as I fell to the floor. From the corner of my eye I saw Kate being dragged, kicking and screaming from the room. Alyssa was over me, holding my hand.

“No” she said. “Logan no. No no no no no no”.

“LOGAN!” Mia screamed, coming down beside us both and pressing her hands to my wounds. My sight began to blur. Camilla joined them at my side.

“Logan please” Alyssa said. “You saved me”. Tears were streaming from her eyes. “I love you”.

“I” I coughed, “I love you too” I coughed, “And I always will”. I raised a hand and caressed her cheek, and then my hand fell back to my side as I lost consciousness and it all went black.

The End

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