Chapter Twenty-FourMature

The next two weeks passed in a flash and it came to the day of Alyssa’s birthday. Dr. Evans allowed us to hang decorations and she even ordered in some special party food for the occasion. Mia arrived early in the day and I was there to greet her. I met her in the reception area.

“Hey big bro” she said, throwing her arms around me and hugging me. She stepped back and passed me a small rectangular parcel. “Got the present for you”.

“You’re the best sis” I said. “Come on, let’s get you settled in”.

“I can’t believe she’s letting me stay the night”.

“I know it’s weird. Are mom and dad okay with it?”

“They didn’t want me to, but I told them to go fuck themselves… although I didn’t use those words”.

“Ah well. Dr. Evans said you have to stay in Alyssa’s room, apparently she can’t give you one of the free ones, and you can’t stay in mine”.

“I also don’t want to stay in yours. Sleeping with my brother would be weird” she joked.

“Shut up Mia” I said. I led her through the building and up to Alyssa’s room. She knocked on the door and told me to hide. I moved back a few steps. Alyssa opened the door.

“Heyyy!” Mia said.

“Mia! Hey” Alyssa said. She hugged my sister and smiled. “Where’s Logan?”

“Hiding two feet away” Mia said.

I jumped out and said “Surprise!” Alyssa hit me and then took Mia by the hand and led her into the room.

“This is going to be fun” Alyssa said. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a sleepover”.

We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the party and when it turned eight we made our way downstairs to the common room. I held Alyssa’s hand in my own as we entered the room with Mia beside us. Alyssa was wearing a gorgeous short black dress with frills at the end of it. Mia wore a red dress that came down to her knees. I settled for a black shirt and jeans. The music was already on; coming from the player in the corner. Dr. Evans had laid out a table full of finger food and various sweets along one wall. She smiled when we entered.

“Hello guys” she said. She hugged Alyssa. “Happy birthday dear. And we are very glad to have you here with us tonight Mia”. Waving her hand, she indicated the table. “Help yourself to some food. Everyone should be down soon… everyone except for Kate that is. She has been taken out for a day to go to the city with her parents”.

“She’s not here?” Alyssa smiled. I smiled too. Kate not being there meant nothing could go wrong. We moved over to the table as a Biffy Clyro song came on.

“I love this one!” Mia said. She started dancing around in circles. “Come on big bro”. I joined her, pulling Alyssa with me. We danced around each other; I spun Alyssa in a circle, and then spun Mia too. We were soon joined by Jonah. He came over and fist bumped Alyssa.

“Happy Birthday Alyssa” he said.

“Thanks Jonah” she smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Let me get a photo of the birthday girl and her man” Mia said, taking out her camera. I placed my arm around Alyssa’s waist and she turned toward me. We smiled as the camera flashed. “And another” Mia said. I kissed Alyssa’s cheek and the camera flashed again, and then I kissed her lips as it flashed for a third time. “Here Logan take one of me and Alyssa” she said, handing me the camera. I took two photos of the two of them and was raising the camera to take a third when something caught my eye.

Camilla had entered the room; wearing a short blue dress. She stopped when she saw us; wringing her hands. I caught Alyssa’s eye and nodded in Camilla’s direction. Alyssa turned and saw her. They stared at each other for a long moment. Camilla smiled. “Happy Birthday Alyssa” she said. Alyssa stared at her for a moment longer, and then walked over to her and enveloped her in a hug.

“I forgive you” she said. Camilla hugged her back. “Thank you for defending me”.

“I’ll always defend you”.

Mia nudged me on the arm. “What is that all about?” she asked.

“It’s a very long story”.

“So tell me” she hit me again.

“Another time sis”.

“Fine”. She looked at the other two again. “When are you going to give her the present?”

“Oh yeah. I’ll give it to her now actually”. Mia slipped it from her clutch and handed it to me. Alyssa and Camilla re-joined us; Alyssa taking my hand. I handed her the parcel and kissed her. “Happy Birthday babe” I said.

“You got me a present?!”

“Of course I did” I smiled. “Open it”. She tore open the packaging and revealed the small golden locket within. She beamed when she saw it.

“Oh Logan it’s beautiful”. She hugged me and kissed me.

“It has space for you to put a picture inside” I said, smiling.

“I’ll put the one of us in there when I get a copy” she said. “Can I get a copy when you print them?” she asked Mia.

“Of course you can!” Mia said.

“Oh thank you” Alyssa smiled. She hugged Mia, and then she turned to me and hugged and kissed me again. “Thank you for the present Logan. I love it”.

“No problem” I said, kissing her back. The rest of the party flew past. The other inmates joined us after a while; although they largely kept to themselves. Zoey and Mia got on quite well; they were both the same age so they had lots to talk about. We danced, and we ate and we laughed. Camilla and Alyssa were best friends again; and it was as if nothing had happened. Alyssa smiled for the entire duration of the party.

After three hours of partying, Alyssa came over to me and took my hand. She leaned up to my ear. “Let’s go upstairs” she whispered, “Just you and me”. I turned to her and smiled. We left the room; taking care to avoid Dr. Evans as we went. Camilla saw us leave and she smiled at us; making a heart shape with her hands.

Alyssa led me up the stairs and to her room. She pushed in the door and closed it behind us, and then turned to me and locked her lips against mine. We moved toward the bed and she unbuttoned my shirt; eventually taking it off and throwing it aside. I pulled her dress over her head and she slipped my jeans off. We continued to kiss as we lay atop the covers in our underwear. Her tongue slid between my lips, and her mouth was warm and soft against my own. I bit down gently on her bottom lip and she raised herself up on the bed. She unclipped her bra and let it fall to the ground. She took my right hand and put it on her right breast. I gently cupped it as she leaned down and kissed me again. We both slid our underwear off at the same time and slipped under the covers; both of us naked.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her.

“Yes” she said. “I love you Logan. I want this”.

“I love you too” I said. I kissed her and moved my hand between her legs; gently massaging. She moaned.

“Do you mind if I go on top?” She asked. “It’s just… the last time… I need to feel in control”.

“Of course you can” I said. She smiled and kissed me. I turned and lay on my back and she moved on top of me; sliding my manhood inside her. She went slowly at first; grinding her hips and kissing me. I kissed her back and placed my hands on her lower back; guiding her gently. The next twenty minutes were amazing; pure bliss. Our bodies writhed together beneath those covers and our mouths were barely apart for any of it. We climaxed at the same moment; both of us crying out in ecstasy. Alyssa stayed atop me for a few moments; gently kissing me before rolling off. I held her close; hugging her naked body tight against my own.

“I love you Logan” she whispered.

“I love you too Alyssa” I whispered back. We lay there for another half an hour; holding each other, hugging each other.

There came a knock on the door and Mia entered covering her eyes. “Dr. Evans sent us all to bed; she says the party is over” she said. She kept her hand over her eyes. “Please tell me you two weren’t just doing the frick frack in here”. Alyssa giggled beside me in the bed and I smiled. “Way too much information guys” Mia added; her hand still over her eyes.

The End

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