Chapter Twenty-TwoMature

The following evening arrived too quickly and it was time for us all to gather in our little circle and talk about how we felt. Alyssa and I entered hand in hand, followed closely by Damien and Sarah. They sat on the opposite side of the room to us. Damien scowled at me; the last vestiges of a black eye on his face. Sarah glared at us for a moment, and then turned her attention to Damien.

Dr. Evans entered a few minutes later with Zach by her side and they took their usual place in the circle. Michael was next to enter, followed by Zoey. Then came Kate. She walked right over and sat next to me.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Sitting next to you. You are mine after all”.

“Fuck you Kate”.

“You know you want to”.

I ignored her and turned to Alyssa. “Don’t mind her. Pretend she’s not here”. Alyssa nodded. Jonah came in next and sat on her other side. He nodded at both of us. Another boy entered; one I hadn’t seen before.

“That’s Peter” Jonah said. “He’s got Seasonal Personality Disorder. He only comes in during summer. He usually arrives at the end of spring; he got here today”.

Five minutes passed and no one else entered the room. Dr. Evans leaned forward and smiled at all of us. She clapped her hands together. “Right shall we begin? Has anyone got anything they’d like to share?”

“Logan’s a fucking dickhead” Sarah offered. I glanced across at her and met her hate filled gaze.

“Now Sarah there is no call for that!” Dr. Evans said.

“But it’s true” Sarah said.

“Logan’s not a dickhead” Kate said. “If anyone here is a dickhead it’s that bitch Alyssa”.

“Kate!” Dr. Evans said, “We do not call people names here!”

“But she is a bitch. She is making me really depressed” Kate said.

“Is this true Alyssa?”

Alyssa was lost for words. She shook her head and began to shake. I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back. “Kate is delusional” I said. “She seems to think she and I are supposed to be together, and that Alyssa is in the way of that”.

“She is stealing you from me, and that makes her a bitch”.

Dr. Evans stood up. She was losing control. “Now everyone calm down”.

Kate leaned forward and looked at Alyssa. “Why did you take him back when you learned he fucked Camilla?” she asked. “What the fuck is wrong with you”. Alyssa was shaking beside me and she burst into tears. “Are you fucking stupid or something?” Kate asked. Alyssa buried her face in my shoulder.

“KATE! Shut the fuck up!” I said.

“LOGAN! KATE! EVERYONE! CALM DOWN!” Dr. Evans yelled. Zach was cowering beside her.

“I need to get out of here Logan” Alyssa whispered in my ear.

“Can we go?” I asked Dr. Evans.

She looked at us for a moment. “Fine. Go. All of you. We’ll do this again another day”. We stood and I hurried out of the room with Alyssa. We made it to the common room before she was in complete distress. She buried her head in my chest and I hugged her close. I glanced around the room. Camilla was on the beanbags. She saw us and mouthed “what’s wrong?” I mouthed “Kate” back.

Kate entered the room behind us and pushed Alyssa off me. “Seriously you dumb bitch what is wrong with you?” Then she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the mouth. I shoved her off instantly. Alyssa cried out and slapped Kate. Kate turned slowly to her. She advanced toward Alyssa who backed away. I moved in between them. “Get out of the way Logan” she said. She grabbed a cue from the pool table.

“No” I said.

“Your choice so” Kate said. She swung the cue up between my legs. The pain was excruciating, but I stayed standing. She hit me again. I collapsed.

“Logan!” Alyssa cried. Kate advanced on her and hit her across the side with the cue. I tried to stand but Kate hit me again. Then she hit Alyssa again. Alyssa was in tears, cowering from the blows.

“You are a fucking stupid bitch” Kate said with each hit. I could see blood on Alyssa’s shirt. Then, Camilla appeared in the corner of my eye. She tackled Kate and began punching her in the face.


“GET OFF ME YOU BITCH!” Kate screamed. The fight drew the attention of the other inmates. They filed into the room. I got back to my feet and Jonah ran over. He pulled Camilla off Kate while I went and got Alyssa to her feet. Dr. Evans entered the room and surveyed the scene before her; disbelief etched on her face.

“Two weeks isolation for both Kate and Camilla” she said. “Orderlies” she called. Two orderlies entered and grabbed each girl by the arm. They were led from the room. Camilla glanced back at us before she disappeared. I smiled at her and mouthed “thanks” at her. She smiled back. She went quietly. Kate went kicking and screaming; even biting the orderly once. A second had to come and grab her by the legs.

I hugged Alyssa close again as she sobbed. “I hate your ex” she said.

“I hate her too” I said. Jonah caught my eye over her shoulder. He rolled his eyes and mouthed “women” at me. Then he went and sat on the beanbags. The crowd of inmates dispersed, while I remained holding Alyssa until she finished crying.

The End

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