Chapter NineteenMature

Silence. Complete, and utter silence. Alyssa stared hard at Camilla; whose hands began to shake. She quailed under Alyssa’s stare and turned her eyes to the ground. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came.

“Well?” Alyssa asked. “Surely she’s joking right? I mean you wouldn’t have slept with a guy you knew I liked would you Camilla? We’re best friends. Kate’s obviously playing some sadistic prank because she wants Logan to be with her again”.

Camilla looked up at her again. “I…I” she faltered. Alyssa began to shake beside me. She turned to me; a tear in her eye.

“Did you have sex with her?”

I looked into her eyes. “Y-yes”. She began to cry fully; streams of tears rolling from her eyes. She turned back to Camilla.

“How could you do that to me?” she screeched. “YOU KNEW I LIKED HIM! YOU KNEW IT! I TOLD YOU BEFORE I LEFT!”

“Alyssa…” Camilla said. Alyssa slapped her.

“You just had to get your bit didn’t you? You had to fuck everything up!”

“Alyssa… please” Camilla said; rubbing her cheek. “It didn’t mean anything… it was just as friends. H-he was a virgin… and he wanted his first time to be with someone he cared about”.

“So you jumped at the chance to get a bit of cock?”

“I did it because he’s my best friend. We care for each other, so I offered to be his first”.

“And you accepted?” Alyssa wheeled to me.

“I-I didn’t think… I didn’t want… I thought you were gone forever” I said. I moved to put my hand on her back; but she slapped it away.

“Alyssa I’m sorry” I said.

“Me too” Camilla said. “It meant nothing. I’ve always said you and Logan are perfect for each other”.

“But you still fucked him”. Alyssa was standing now.

Camilla stood too. “YES!” she yelled. “I fucked him. And it was good! He was the best I’ve ever had. Would I like to do it again? Sure I fucking would. I love him too!”

“You what?” Alyssa asked. I sat there, dumbstruck.

“It doesn’t matter. I love you Alyssa, you are my best friend. So is Logan. You two are perfect for each other. What happened, happened. But now you two are together. And I’m not going to come between that. So we had sex? Who cares?”

“I DO!” Alyssa yelled. She threw her hot chocolate in Camilla’s face, and then turned to storm out. I quickly stood to intercept her, but she slapped me and I fell down again. “I HATE YOU! BOTH OF YOU!” she screamed, and then ran crying from the room. I stared after her, and then turned to look at Camilla. She wouldn’t meet my eyes. I scanned the room; a tear in my eye. Kate was sitting watching us from the other corner; a huge smile on her face. She mouthed the word “Mine” in my direction, and then winked. 

The End

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