Chapter ThirteenMature

Isolation was exactly what the word said it was. Pure, complete isolation from any living being. Each day was spent locked in that small, cramped room. There was a narrow, small bed along one wall, and a toilet in the corner. That was it. The only times I came into contact with another person was when they passed food in through the door.

It was hell. Just me, four blank walls, and my thoughts. The voices did not leave me alone. They were there; a constant whisper.

This place is not good for you. They are punishing you. They are destroying you. You need to leave. Then you can be alone with me. I’m the only one who cares for you.

I didn’t even bother fighting them. I couldn’t escape. The walls did nothing to quell my rage; they simply exacerbated it. I felt my soul slowly eroding as the days passed, as my rage slowly enabled my descent into madness; as the voices took control, as my mind focused on all the negatives.

Each day passed the same. I woke at some indeterminable hour and it was dark. I sat alone on the running the current situation through my mind, thinking about what would happen when I got out of isolation. I now had two enemies in the institute, and I had given Camilla an enemy when I told Kate the truth. A storm was coming my way; that was for sure.

I would get three meals each day; I would receive a bowl of cereal in the morning, a sandwich for lunch, and a ready-made meal for dinner.

On day fourteen of my monotony, the door opened and Dr. Evans entered with my bowl of cereal. She placed it on the bed beside me and sat down. The lights clicked on; he control was outside.

“Eat Logan”. I took up the bowl and ate the cereal, taking my time. It was gone within minutes. Dr. Evans watched me the entire time. When I was done she took the bowl and passed it to an orderly outside the door. Then she sat back down.

“Logan” she said, “You have been in isolation for two weeks now. I think it is time you were released and allowed back to the rest of the institution. But first we need to discuss your outburst”.

“Do we really?”

“Yes. You hurt another patient; you hurt yourself. Your anger was very bad Logan”.

“I was provoked”.

“That is no excuse Logan. You cannot assault your fellow patients”.

“I was provoked” I said again.

“How? How were you provoked?”

“I don’t want to talk about it”.

“Well Logan you are either going to have to tell me, or you will have to accept that you were in the wrong”.

“Fine. If that is what it takes. I was in the wrong”.

“You’ll have to apologise”.


“Of course”.


“Good. Come back upstairs with me now. You will be required to stay in your own room until this evening after you have apologised”.


“Let’s go”. We stood and left the isolation room. Dr. Evans and one of the orderlies escorted me up the stairs to the ground floor. Damien was waiting at the reception. I walked over to him, gritting my teeth.

“Sorry for hitting you” I said.

“Yeah. Cool” was the reply.

“Okay. Now up to your room Logan”.

I walked up the stairs; Dr. Evans behind me. We passed Camilla on the stairs. She stopped me.

“Logan! How are you?” she asked.

“Logan can’t talk right now. Wait until this evening” Dr. Evans asked.

“Fine” Camilla said. She was smiling. “I’ve got big news for you Logan. I’ll tell you later”.

“Okay” I said. She went off downstairs and Dr. Evans escorted me the rest of the way back to my room. She held the door open for me and I went inside and laid down on the bed.

“We will bring you your evening meal at six, and after that you may re-join the others downstairs”.


She left me alone in the room. I closed my eyes and slept; the first decent sleep I’d had since they committed me to isolation. It was dreamless; I simply slept for hour upon hour upon hour. I was woken by a movement at the end of my bed. Camilla was sitting down holding out a plate of spaghetti.

“They let me bring you your dinner” she smiled. I sat up and took the plate; and I ate it all in a matter of minutes.

“Thanks” I said, smiling back at her. “What’s this news you have for me?”

“Oh yeah that” she said. “I think you should go up to the roof at eight. I’ll tell you up there”. She stood up and left the room; practically bouncing out. She looked back just before closing the door and smiled again.

I passed the next two hours doing nothing; just listening to music. Once it turned quarter to eight I left my room and walked through the corridors and up the stairs to the top floor. Then I took the short stairs to the door to the roof and pushed it open. After a quick scan of the roof, it was clear I was alone. I walked across to the edge and looked out at the night sky. Once again I could see Blackrock in the distance.

Five minutes passed and there was no sign of Camilla. I wondered what her news was. It must have been something big with all the secrecy. I heard the door opening behind me and turned to greet her. It wasn’t Camilla. I blinked twice; unable to believe my eyes. Surely they were playing a trick on me.

“Hi Logan” she said with a shy smile.

“Hi” I replied.

The End

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