Chapter TwelveMature

A week had passed since Kate became the latest inmate of Blackrock Institute. I was scheduled to have another appointment with Dr. Evans. At four o clock, I made the short walk from the common room to her office and knocked.

“Come in”, came her voice. I entered and went straight to the seat in front of her desk. “And how are you today Logan?”

“I’m okay” I said.

“Good. Now our sessions have been going very well so far” she said, “But before we begin today’s one I have a question I need to ask you”.

I looked at her. “Okay”.

“Why did you call Kate a bitch when she came in last week?”

“Because she is a bitch”.

“That’s not very nice Logan”.

“It’s the truth”.

“Did you know her before you came here?”

“She is my ex-girlfriend”.

“And why did you break up?”

I thought about it for a moment. Should I tell her the full story? Should I tell her Kate and Ian fucking are the real reason I snapped? “We wanted different things” I said.

“That is no reason to call her a bitch”.

“I hate her. That is reason enough”.

“What are you not telling me Logan?”

“I don’t want to say”.

She made a note on her file and then looked up at me again.

“Now. I hear you had a rage episode last week? You hit your wall and shattered your mirror?” I nodded. “Why did you do this?”

“I was angry at seeing Kate”.


“Because I was doing well, and her being here is going to fuck everything up”.

“That is not true Logan. Kate is a lovely girl. She could be a good friend to you, if you’ll let her back in”.

“That is not going to happen”.

“Why not Logan?”

“IT JUST WON’T OKAY?” I was on my feet, my left hand clenched into a fist. The chair had fallen over behind me.

“Logan! Calm down!” I glared at Dr. Evans.

“I’m sorry Dr. Evans, I’m not feeling well, may I go?”

“Okay Logan. But we’ll have to meet again tomorrow instead okay?”

“Yeah whatever”. I stormed out and down the hall to the common room. Kate was in there, sitting in a corner reading again. She saw me and patted the spot beside her; ensuring I could see her cleavage as she did so. I glanced away. Damien came in behind me.

“Man that girl is fucking hot” he said in my ear, looking at Kate. “I’d love to bang her. I’d swap Sarah for a go at that anytime”.

“That’s my ex” I said. He looked at me.

“Really? You?” He laughed. “Come on man. Don’t joke”.

“I’m not”.

“Really? Well I hate to break it to ya mate, but a girl that hot was definitely sleeping around, no way she’d settle for someone like you. I’m gonna go fuck Sarah, she likes it when I play kidnapper”. He turned to leave but didn’t get more than one step before my fist collided with the back of his skull. I screamed in agony as the wounds re-opened beneath my bandage but that didn’t stop me. I hit him again. He turned over and tried to hit me back but I hit him again, and again.

“She did sleep around” I said, “She fucked my best friend”. I hit him again. “And you don’t deserve Sarah”. I hit him again; breaking his nose. “You are a fucking asshole”. I hit him again. I felt hands trying to pull me off and I turned. It was Kate. I shoved her away. “Stay out of this, bitch”. I vented my anger on Damien; hitting his ribs, hitting his face. Then I felt stronger hands grab me from either side. Two male orderlies had taken hold of me and were carrying me from the room. Dr. Evans was leading them down a corridor, and then down to the basement level.

“Logan, we’re putting you in isolation for two weeks. That will give you time to think about what you’ve done; and it will allow you to get this rage out of your system so you are no longer a danger to yourself or to others. The orderlies threw me into a cell and Dr. Evans locked the door behind me. I was plunged into complete darkness. Dr. Evans opened the slit in the door and looked in. “We’ll check on you tomorrow Logan. Have a pleasant night.”

The End

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