Chapter ElevenMature


I closed my eyes. It had to be a dream. It had to be. It could not be her. Not here. Not now. I opened my eyes again. There she was. Skinny, blonde, five foot five, blue eyes.

“Logan?” she asked again. I stared at her.

“Bitch” I said, and turned on my heel.

“Now Logan!” Dr. Evans called after me. I turned to see what she wanted. “That is no way to treat our new friend. Now say hello properly”.

I ground my teeth. “Hello Kate”.

“Hi Logan. I-it’s good to see you”.

“Can I go now?” I asked Dr. Evans. She nodded. I turned and walked as fast as my feet would carry me. I walked all the way to the stairs and up to my room. I slammed the door behind me and punched the wall; breaking the skin on my knuckles. I punched it again. I screamed. “WHY? FUCKING WHY? FUCK!” I punched the mirror on the wall; shattering it and lodging glass in my fingers. Blood dripped from the wounds.

“Logan?” I heard a quick knocking on my door. “Logan can we come in?” I pulled open the door and Camilla and Jonah came in.

“We saw you go past the common room door” she said. “Is something wro-“ She saw the shattered mirror and my mangled hand.

“What is up?” Jonah asked.

“She’s here. The fucking bitch is here. She’s a fucking patient here”.

“Who?” Camilla asked.

“Who the fuck do you think? Kate. The fucking bitch!” I hit the wall again and then screamed in agony.

“Logan we have to get you to the nurse now”.



“Come on” Jonah said. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me from the room, down to the ground floor and along to the nurse’s station. I was oblivious to it all; my mind was going into mental shutdown. She was here. Why here? Why now?

“What’s happened to him?” the nurse asked.

“We think he punched his wall and his mirror” Camilla said.

“There is glass in his hand” Jonah added.

“Leave him with me and I’ll fix him up”.

“I want to stay” Camilla said.

“I said leave” the nurse replied. Jonah dragged Camilla from the room. I turned to look at the nurse; not really seeing her. “This is going to hurt sweetie”. She picked up a tweezers and began picking the glass from my flesh. I was numb to the pain. Kate was here. Just when things were looking up, she was here. A tear rolled down my cheek and the nurse misinterpreted it as pain. “I know this hurts sweetie, only a few more”. She finished picking the glass from my hand and then disinfected all of the wounds. She wrapped my hand in a large bandage and then proceeded to examine me. She checked my eyes, took my temperature and checked my blood pressure.

“Now, sweetie, why did you hit the wall and your mirror?”

I looked at her. “I don’t know”.

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I don’t know”.

“I’m going to have to inform Dr. Evans of this”.


She stared at me a moment longer. “You may go”.

I nodded and then stood and left the room. My feet carried me through the building and into the common room. I sat on the red beanbag and stared at the wall.

“Logan? Logan are you okay?”

I woke from my daze. Camilla and Jonah were staring at me.

“Yeah I’m fine” I said.

“How’s the hand?” Jonah asked.

“It’s okay. Bit sore”. I was only now beginning to notice the dull throbbing beneath the bandage. “I can’t believe she is here”.

“I know” Camilla said. “Why is she here? What’s wrong with her?”

“I don’t know. But it’s just my fucking luck. Just when I’m starting to do well, she would have to show up”.

“I’m so sorry Logan”.

“Me too” Jonah said. I glanced around the room. It was a mistake. She was sitting on one of the couches. She saw me looking and gave a weak smile in my direction. I looked away.

“That’s her on the couch” I said.

“She’s coming over” Camilla said.

“Logan?” Kate’s voice came from behind me.

“Leave him alone you bitch” Camilla said. “Haven’t you done enough to hurt him?”

“I just want to talk to him” Kate said.

“He doesn’t want to talk to you”.

“No” I said, “It’s okay. I’ll talk to her”.

“Logan…” Camilla said.

“I can handle it”. I stood up and turned to face Kate. “Let’s do this”.

“Where should we go?”

“The roof”.

We walked in silence through the building and up the stairs to the roof. I opened the door and didn’t hold it for her. She came through behind me.

“Wow” she said, admiring the view of sunset. “It’s beautiful up here. Really Romantic”. She smiled at me,

“Shut up”.

“Look Logan… I’m sorry”.

“You think that’s going to make everything okay? You’re sorry? You fucked my best friend, not once, but several times”.

“I know. And I am sorry”.

“Not good enough”.

She shuffled her feet.

“What got you sent here?” I asked.

“They say I’ve got an eating disorder… I suppose it’s kinda true”.

“Since when?”

“Ian told me I looked fat… so I stopped eating”.

I stared at her. She had never looked fat. She had always been slim and beautiful. Ian was messing with her head. I felt some slight sadistic satisfaction from it; and immediately felt bad.

“You know you’re not fat Kate”.


“You’re beautiful”.

“Oh really?” She moved closer and grabbed the top of my shirt. “Then how about you let me complete my apology?” She looked into my eyes. “You always said you wanted me to be your first. Let’s do it. Let’s rekindle the old flame”.

“I had sex with Camilla”.

“Who?” She took a step back.

“The girl from downstairs. She’s my best friend. And we had sex”.

“You had sex with another woman? But I’m your girlfriend! You said you we were going to be each other’s first! You said you loved me!”


“SO? You are mine Logan! You can’t go fucking someone else!”

“You are fucking crazy! So it’s alright for you to fuck around, but not me? We broke up the instant I found out about you and Ian. You lost me Kate! You fucked up. Not me!”


“Fuck you Kate”.

The door opened and Camilla walked onto the roof. “I heard shouting. Are you okay Logan?”

“YOU BITCH!” Kate jumped at her and started slapping her. “FUCKED MY MAN DID YOU? YOU FUCKING WHORE”. I ran over and pulled Kate off with my one good hand. She shrugged me off and went for the door. “I’m going to get him back” she whispered to Camilla, just loud enough for me to hear too. Then she was gone.

“Well she is a bitch” Camilla said, brushing some dirt from her skirt and nursing a bruise on her jaw.

“I hate her” I said. Camilla came over and wrapped me in a hug.

“I can see why”.

The End

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