Chapter NineMature

That evening I paced nervously around my room. It had been three months since I had even kissed a girl; so the thought of what Camilla and I were about to do had my nerves at an all-time high.

I caught my reflection in the mirror. The youth smiled back.

“What are you doing this for?” he asked.

“Because I care about Camilla. She is right, better that it happens now for me with her; my best friend, than with some skank like Kate”.

“But Camilla is just using you to get her fix”.

“No. She’s not like that”.

“How can you know? She has been here quite a while; she probably hasn’t fucked anyone in all that time. Maybe she is just using you for your cock”.

“Shut up. Just leave me alone”.

“I’m the only person you can trust”.

“No. I trust Camilla. She is my best friend”. I looked away and looked back. The youth was gone. I stared at myself in the mirror and opened the top two buttons of my shirt; and then sniffed my armpits for good measure. Once I was comfortable with what I saw, I took a deep breath and then eased my door open.

The corridor was deserted. I moved quickly to the stairs and went down one floor. I went along the corridor until I came to Camilla’s room. Taking a deep breath again, I knocked and waited. The door opened a crack and I saw Camilla’s eye poking out. She swung it open and grabbed me, pulling me inside the room and locking the door behind me.

She looked beautiful. Her violet hair fell down to her shoulders and she wore a transparent turquoise nightgown. Beneath the nightgown I could make out her black lace lingerie. She smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Are you sure you want to do this Logan?” she asked as she sat me on the bed. “I don’t mind if you would rather not”.

“No no. I want to… if you still want to”.

“Yes I do” she smiled. “It’ll be great I’m sure of it. And I can teach you a few things so that when you do meet that special girl you can make her feel amazing”.

“I’d like that” I said. “I… I couldn’t get any condoms”.

“That doesn’t matter” she said.

“Oh… of course… sorry”.

“It’s okay Logan” she smiled. She leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back, biting down ever so slightly on her lower lip. She moved over and sat on my lap, pressing her body against my own and really committing to the kiss. She leaned down and kissed my neck and I felt her teeth gently biting my skin. I held her close; my hands on her lower back. She kissed me on the lips again and then it was my turn to kiss her neck. I followed her example; first using my lips, then lightly caressing the spot with my tongue before biting gently and then finishing with my lips again.

Camilla pulled her nightgown up over her head and tossed it aside before unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it off me. She took my right hand and put it on her breast. I gently cupped it before reaching around and opening the clasp with my left hand. She smiled as I took her bra and flung it aside and then she kissed me again; pressing her naked breasts into my bare chest. I fell backward onto the bed and she fell with me. She lay on top of me; kissing me furiously before arching back and grinding on top of me. I could feel myself becoming hard beneath my jeans; and she could obviously feel it too. She smiled and slid back; opening the zip and belt, and then pulling my jeans down and off. She removed my underwear too and then smiled.

“Now that is what I call a cock” she said, before taking it in her mouth. She gently caressed the tip with her tongue before sliding it in and out. I lay back and moaned; then sat up again and brushed her hair from her face. She stopped before I climaxed; teasing me and got back on top of me. She kissed me again; all the time grinding on top of me.

“I want you to go down on me Logan” she said.

“Okay” I said. She rolled off me and lay on her back on the bed; knees bent. I kissed her once more on the lips, then on the collarbone, then between her breasts. I moved down and gently pulled her lace panties down her legs and off; throwing them behind me as I did. I looked at her again; at her now fully naked form. She was beautiful. I kissed her inner thing on both legs, and then I kissed between them. She moaned. I kissed again. She moaned again. I let my tongue slip from my mouth and come into contact with the soft flesh. She moaned louder. I made my tongue dance.

“Oh yes” she said. I kept going. I placed two fingers inside her and she moaned again. “Oh YES!” she said. I alternated between kissing her and using my tongue and she moaned in ecstasy. “OH GOD YES. YES LOGAN YES!” It wasn’t long before she climaxed and she writhed on the bed; moaning again and again. I moved up onto the bed beside her and she pulled my face to hers and kissed me. Her hand found my penis and rubbed it gently and then she turned me onto my back. She sat on top of me again and grinded while kissing me.

Camilla raised herself slightly off me and took my penis in her hand. She rubbed it on the outside of her vagina before sliding it in. It felt good. It felt really good. She slid it all the way in; sitting down onto me as she did so. Then she grinded some more and kissed me again. After several moments she began to bounce up and down slightly on me. She ran a hand through her hair; throwing it back behind her and then she placed both hands on my chest and rode me hard. We both moaned. I placed my hands on her waist and she smiled down at me as she moved on top of me.

We continued in this vein for several minutes; her in charge; her on top. Then she slowed down and came to a stop with me still inside her. She leaned down and kissed me; sliding her tongue into my mouth. “I want you to fuck me now Logan. I want you to fuck me so badly right now”. I kissed her again and sat up with her on my lap. I was still inside her. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Take me to the desk and do me” she said. I did as I was told. I carried her over and sat her gently down on it, and then began to thrust; slowly at first. She moaned and kissed my neck again. In and out. In and out. I kept the rhythm going. “Oh Logan. This is amazing!” she exclaimed. We stayed there for another couple of minutes and then Camilla pointed to the bed. “There”. I carried her over and gently laid her down. I moved on top of her and slid myself back inside her again. “I want you to come inside me Logan” she said. After several more moments of pure joy; we climaxed together at the same instant. I felt my seed explode into her and I felt her writhe beneath e as the orgasm took over her body. After a few seconds had passed I pulled out of her and lay beside her on the bed. She raised herself up on one arm and kissed me on the lips.

“Logan” she said, smiling. “That. Was. Amazing!”


“That was the best sex I have ever had. Honestly. You are amazing!”

I laughed. “Thanks” I smiled.

“We definitely have to do that again” she said.


“Yes!” she smiled. “Just as friends again though. Friends with benefits. Then when we get out of here I’ll help you find that lucky girl and she won’t know what hit her”.

“I like the sound of that” I said.

She smiled. “Who knows? Maybe that lucky girl will be Alyssa”.

I thought about that. What would happen if I saw Alyssa on the outside? Would I have any chance with her now that I had slept with her best friend? I shook my head to clear it. No point in focusing on what wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I leaned over and kissed Camilla again.

“You’re my best friend Logan”.

“You’re mine too. Thank you so much for this” I said. “I can’t think of anyone better that I could have had my first time with. It was perfect”.

“It was my pleasure” she smiled. “Literally” she added with a wink.  

The End

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