Chapter SevenMature

“Logan” Dr. Evans stuck her head around the door to my room. “You have a visitor”. I groaned and rolled off the bed. Who would want to visit me in this cesspit? Certainly not my parents; they had said as much before I came here. Maybe my sister? Mia had promised to visit but I had seen no sign of her yet. “He’s waiting at the main reception” Dr. Evans said, and then withdrew her head from the room.

“He?” I asked myself. Who could that be? I walked out of my room, pulling the door closed behind me. The walk to the reception was short, and I came to the bottom of the stairs and stopped dead. Him. My fists clenched at my sides and I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. I counted down from ten and opened them again.

“Logan” he said.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” was my response.

“I came to see you”. Ian Quinn. Tall, muscular, dark haired. I hated him. All six foot of him. I smiled when I saw the black eye and bandages on his nose and arm. “You are my best friend after all”.

“Really? You think you’re still my best friend? Really?”


“That is what I fucking thought”. I turned on my heel to go.

“Wait Logan… Can we talk?” I turned back.

“And why the fuck would I want to talk to you?”

“Come on man. Please. Let’s just talk”.

“Fine. Let’s go outside”. I led him through the building in silence and we exited into the garden. We walked over to a bench. He sat, I stood. “Talk” I said.

“I’m sorry I fucked Kate”.

“Repeatedly you mean? And I don’t fucking believe you”.

“Well I am”.

“Yeah. Whatever. I’m not sorry I broke your nose”.

“I deserved that I guess”.

“Yes you fucking did”.

“It’s my fault that you are in here. You loved her… and I destroyed that”. He looked up at me and smiled. “Although she was a great fuck wasn’t she? She could really go!”

Was he seriously trying to make a joke? I hit him there and then. “She and I never did it you fucker! We were waiting!” His face changed in an instant.

“You… You never?” I shook my head. “Oh… well then it’s your own fault man… you obviously weren’t giving her what she needed. So she came to a real man”.

“I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!” I hit him twice across the face; blackening his other eye. My outburst began to attract attention. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Logan. Calm down or the nurses will come. What’s wrong?” It was Camilla.

“This fucker. I hate him. I hate him”.

Camilla looked at Ian. “Who are you?” she asked.

“His best friend”.

“The one who…?” Ian nodded. “You are a fucking asshole! How dare you come here? How dare you try and talk to him? I’ve got news for you, you’re not his best friend anymore. I’ve taken over that role”. She smiled up at me and gave my hand a squeeze. “I would leave if I were you”.


“I never want to see you or that bitch again” I said. Ian stood and looked at me again for a moment. I met his eyes and stared straight back. He gave in first and turned to leave. We watched him walk away across the garden.

“Did you mean it?” I asked.

“Mean what?” Camilla replied.

“That you are my best friend”.

“Of course”.

“I’m glad”. She hugged me then, wrapping her arms tight around me.

“Me too”.

“We’re going to beat this place together Logan”.

The End

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