Chapter SixMature

Camilla joined me on the red beanbag in the common room; squeezing onto it beside me and putting my arm around her shoulder.

“How did it come to this Logan?” she asked. “I was never supposed to end up in a place like this”.

“Neither was I. But everything always goes to shit. You get used to it”.

“Do you consider me a friend Logan?” She turned her head to look at me.

“Of course I do. I didn’t think I would make friends in here, but then I met you and Jonah”.

“I’m glad” she smiled. “And you know I consider you a friend too right?”

“Yeah I do. You’re the best friend I have in this place”.

I looked around the room. Michael was sprawled on the couch again, and Damien and Sarah were cuddled up on another. She was pressed tight against him, tracing a finger along his bicep. He was staring around the room; looking anywhere but at her.

“What’s the deal with those two?” I asked.

Camilla glanced across to see who I was enquiring about. A frown crossed her face when she spotted the pair. “They got together when she was admitted”.

“You don’t approve?”

“None of us do. She tells us stories sometimes. He ties her up, he treats her like a prisoner. He is taking advantage of her Stockholm syndrome, offering himself as a replacement for her kidnapper. She won’t get any better this way. She’s latching onto him because he treats her the same the sick fuck who took her did”.

“That is some fucked up shit. How does he get away with that?”

“The doctors and nurses don’t know. And whenever we say it to her she defends him. And if we say it to him, he just laughs in our faces. He as good as admitted it to us before; and Jonah hit him. Got himself a week in solitary for it, and gained Sarah’s hatred”.

We both looked across as Sarah leaned over and kissed Damien. He shoved her roughly off and said a few words to her. Then he stood and left the room. Sarah waved after him and smiled. I looked at Camilla’s face to gauge her reaction. She wore a stony expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“I fucking hate that prick”. She stared at Sarah for a moment longer. “Hey Sarah” she called, “Come over here”. The blonde girl bounced across and sat on the purple beanbag.

“Hey Camilla. And it’s Logan right?” I nodded. “Are you two together now?” she asked.

“No no” Camilla said, “We are just friends”.

“Shame. You seem cute together”.

“Well he is rather sexy” Camilla said, glancing up at me with a sly smile on her face.

“Not as sexy as Damien”.

“Sarah… why are you still with him? You know he’s just using you. He is taking advantage of you”.

“Shut up Camilla! You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about!”

“Hey!” I said, “Don’t talk to her like that”.

“She’s being a bitch about me and Damien again”.

“She is right about you and Damien”.

“Fuck both of you”. She stormed off out of the room.

“She is impossible to talk to” Camila sighed.

Jonah entered the room and spotted us. He walked over and sat down on the blue beanbag. “What’s up guys?” he asked.

“Camilla’s pissed off about Damien and Sarah”.

“Not that again! Just let it go Camilla, there is nothing we can do”.

“It just annoys me” she said. “Great. Look who it is”. We turned our attention to the door. Damien had come back.

“Where is Sarah gone?” he asked.

“Why don’t you leave her the fuck alone and stop taking advantage of her?” Camilla asked, getting to her feet.

“Because she is fucking good in the sack, and she’s into lots of kinky shit because of what the guy did to her”. I could see Camilla beginning to tense. I stood and moved over, ready to hold her back if I had to.

“You are a fucking jerk”.

“I am a fucking legend. You don’t know what you are talking about. So why don’t you just shut the fuck up you stupid, attention seeking whore”. Camilla was stunned. I saw a tear come to her eye and she wrapped her arms around herself. I turned her around and hugged her. “Oh look at this, you’ve found yourself a new cock to fuck. No wonder. Whore. And you went for the fucking freak too, the new guy. What’s your deal mate? How fucked up are you?”

Suddenly I was no longer hugging Camilla. My fist was colliding with Damien’s jaw. Then my other fist was colliding with his eye. Then we were on the ground, pummelling each other. After a few moments, Jonah heaved me off Damien. Camilla pulled me away as Jonah held Damien back. She hugged me again.

“Calm down Logan” she said. “He is not worth it”.

“This isn’t the last of this” Damien said. He glared at the three of us, and then left the room.

“I hate that prick” Jonah said.

“Me too” I said.

The End

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