Chapter FiveMature

I knocked on Dr. Evans’ door on my tenth day in Blackrock at five o clock in the evening. The door opened in and Dr. Evans stood there smiling, gesturing for me to enter.

“Good evening Logan”.

“Good evening Dr. Evans”.

“Please, call me Maria. Have a seat”. I walked over and sat at one of the chairs in front of her desk. She moved around behind it and sat down too. There was a picture of a young girl, probably five or six, sitting on one corner of the desk. Bookshelves lined one wall, and posters lined the other.

“I’m going to use this session to get to know you a little better Logan, is that okay?”


“It will only be a short one”.


“Now, how have you found your stay here so far Logan?”

“It has been better than I thought it would. I expected this place to be a hell, but it is actually okay”.

“I am glad to hear that. Now, have you made any friends?”

“Yes. Jonah and Camilla”.

“Just the two of them?”

“Yes. I talked to Alyssa too but then she got to go home”.

“I was sad to see her go, she was always nice. But of course I am happy that she was able to leave”.

“Me too”.

“Now, how are your conditions? Have you had any episodes?”

“I’ve been hearing voices and talking to them again. They take the form of my reflection. I’ve had no pyromaniac episodes or anti-social behaviour incidents”.

“And what do these voices say?”

“He tells me that he is the only one I can trust. That Jonah and Camilla are not real friends. That they will abandon me like everyone else does. That he is the only one who has always been there for me”.

“And do you respond to the voices?”


“How do you respond?”

“It depends on what they say to me”.

“How did you respond when they said Jonah and Camilla are not real friends?”

“I say I think they will be”.

“And how do the voices take that?”

“He doesn’t like it”.

“How does he react?”

“He gets angry. Sometimes he tries to hurt me when he’s angry”.

“And do you let him?”

“I try not to”.

“Has he hurt you?”

“A few times”.

“Physically or mentally?”

“Both”. I rolled up my sleeve and showed her the scars on my left wrist. “He made me do that”.

“How long ago?”

“A year”.

“Okay. And how are you coping with your depression Logan?”

“Well. I’ve been doing a lot better recently”.

“I am glad to hear that Logan. If you have nothing more to tell me I think we’ll leave it there”.


“You are certain you have had no pyromaniac episodes?” I shook my head. “Or Anti-social behaviour episodes?” I shook my head again.

“Okay then. Our next appointment will last the full hour”.

“Thank you Dr. Evans”. I got up and began to walk to the door.

“Call me Maria”, she called after me.

The End

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