Saved by the Belle

Milo only lived fifteen minutes away from school so he managed to get there with plenty of time to spare. He slid in through the gates and made his way through the playground past the bustling of the other children to his secret writing spot.

His spot was a little shady alcove near the back of the school. Once, the alcove had instead been a large chimney for the big, red brick building but time had taken it's toll and so many years ago it had been removed and the wall bricked up where it once had been. Now, all that was left to indicate it had ever been there was a slight indentation into the wall, enough for Milo to sit in comfortably without being disturbed so he could write. He took out his note book and tried to get his head back into the story he was working on.

It started with blood and it would end with blood...

"Hey Manning" came an unwelcome voice that made Milo's skin crawl.

Milo looked up, it was Jake Samson, accompanied by his two mindless thugs Phillip Little and Stuart Clark. He moved to put his notepad back in his bag and scarper but Jake strode over and grabbed his wrist.

"Let's have a look at this then Manning. More of your stupid stories is it? Writing about bum-sex no doubt, right Manning? Bum-sex with your dad, he likes doing some manning doesn't he?" Jake sneered, his companions sniggering dutifully at his joke.

Milo pulled back his wrist and slipped the book into his bag. "Leave me alone Jake."

"Yeah, leave him alone."

Phillip and Stuart spun around to face a tall, skinny girl with long black hair. She towered over them by almost a full head.

"You stay out of it Dumbwurst." Jake said, not turning around, his compatriots sniggering again.

"It's Dunwurst, retard and you probably can't even read, so leave Milo alone. You only want this corner to yourselves so you can have some bum-sex of your own!"

Jake, Phillip and Stuart all grimaced in unison at that thought.

"N-No we don't!" Stuart stuttered before Phillip silenced him with a punch to the arm.

Jake shrugged. "Screw you, Dumbwurst. You're lucky you're a girl."

Not to be defeated, Jake let go of Milo and then suddenly pushed him into the wall. Milo shot back, his head smacking painfully on the rusty red bricks, leaving him dizzy. Tears in his eyes, he slumped to the floor.

"See you later Milo."

With that the little trio walked off, leaving Milo and Dunwurst alone together. Susan walked over to Milo and helped him up.

"Thanks Susan."

"Don't worry about it Milo, no problem. How's the story coming along?"

"Umm, no better, no thanks to those guys." Milo said bitterly. Admittedly, things could have gotten a lot worse, at least this time he still had his book, rather than having to chase torn out pages across the school playing field for almost half an hour.

Susan noticed his anger simmering behind his dark eyes and made him an offer. "Well, maybe we can sit down together and come up with something at break?"


The bell began ringing at that moment and the yard began emptying into the main school building for registration. Susan and Milo walked together, they were in the same class.

"I wish you wouldn't use, you know, as an insult."

"What? Bum-sex? I didn't, it's just what they are most afraid of. They're just a bunch of big, homophobic babies."

"I guess."

"I'm sorry Milo, I know you don't like talking about your dad's, umm, gayness."

"Only because of idiots like Jake Samson."

"Well, he'll get what's coming to him soon enough." Susan nodded sagely.

"Indeed." Milo answered in an equally adult tone.

They both looked at each other seriously before they couldn't hold it in any longer and both burst into a fit of giggles.

The End

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