The Mind of Milo Manning

Milo loves to write, but being stuck in his books all day writing and drawing makes him a target for bullies. One day the bullies take it too far and Milo's life is changed forever.

Blood. It had started with blood and it would end in blood. Those were the rules and woe betide any of those who would break them. Milo's quest for vengence began in the blood of a friend, but it would end in the blood of his foes...

"Milo! MILO! Wake up! It's time for school!"

Milo was jolted awake by the yelling of his father from the kitchen, he lifted his head from the desk and grimaced as a thin trail of drool stretched between the corner of his mouth and his notepad. His notepad! Groggily wiping his eyes and his mouth he checked the pages and sighed with relief as he noticed the drool had missed any of his story. He'd been up all night working on it.

"Milo! Are you coming or have you given up on breakfast today?"

"Coming Dad!"

Quickly pulling on some trousers and a shirt from the floor he danced along the hall, trying to jump into his clothes whilst hopping down the stairs. When he reached the breakfast table he looked like a badly dressed puppet. His father just peered over his paper and shook his head. There was a bowl of cereal waiting for him.

Pulling his jumper over his head he sat down and began wolfing down his breakfast.

"Mmmm....nom...thanks Dad...mmn...nom..."

His father looked over his paper again and gave him a wink.

"You eat that any faster you'll be going to the hospital, not school. Slow down Milo."

Milo crammed in the last bite and swallowed it triumphantly, to much head-shaking from his father.

"Anything new to report? What's happening in your story now?"

"Which one?"

"There's more than one? You've been busy!"

"I have tonnes of stories now!"

"How about tonnes of homework? I hope you've been doing that too."

"Yeeeeeees Daaaaaad."

"Don't 'Yes Dad' me you cheeky beggar. I don't want you getting in trouble."

"It'll be fine, I've got it covered. Well, " Milo said, looking at the clock on the kitchen wall, "I'd better get going. See you later Dad!"

With that Milo leaped up and grabbed his school bag which was laying at the foot of the stairs. He opened the front door and called up the stairs before he left.

"Bye Mum!"

There was a grumble from up the stairs but Milo was already out of the door and down the road towards school.

Robert headed down stairs in his dressing gown and looked at Milo's father with exasperation.

"I really wish he wouldn't call me that."

"Oh come on Robert," Milo's father grinned, eyeing up Robert, "I think it's kind of cute. Speaking of which..."

"You! Well, I guess every boy needs his mother." Robert said. "Did you pack the lunch I made him?"



"Sorry, you'll just have to go to the school and give it to him. I've got to head off now myself."

Robert pouted and then kissed Simon gently on the lips. "You'll be the death of that boy you know. Not giving him his lunch, tsk, tsk. Take care, see you later."

"Oh, what's for dinner?"

"Something nice, as always. Unless I forget to pack it."

Simon squinted in mock anger at Robert, quickly pecked him on the cheek and then was out of the door.

The End

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