A New Land

I came to with a start. Eyes fluttering, body dry? My heart beat heavily but I had not the energy to get up. My heart beats heavily.

Where was I? Home? By my window. Well, i'm not in Kansas anymore...

Pieces of sunshine approached my face, an unrecognisable warmth but no more light - everything went black yet had I closed my eyes? My heart beats heavily. And I lapsed into unconsciousness.

Again I woke, for real this time - there was no mistaking this utter life with unconsciousness. Why is this light so bright! The light pushed me back into cringing away from it but I was far too alive and aware to fall back into the abyss that is unconsciousness. This was not the place that I should have woken up in...

Grass? There was definitely grass imbetween my toes, a scratchy feeling that was so unabashedly different to the tarmacked land back home. Home. God, where am I? Father would be angry, furious when he found me not where I was displaced 17 years ago.

This time I wrenched my eyes open, willing them to withstand the blinding lights torturing them to figure out what feral land I had so unwillingly landed in. One eye struggled and wrenched the glue open... Oh wow. The eye wrenched open was shut as soon as it fluttered open. I had a fall, a bad fall. My head must be affected. I preached that to myself for five minutes until it all became apparent; I was too alive to be dreaming, the air was too real to be a mystique.

So, what had I seen in that one brief glimpse of a world so entirely and opposingly different to the other World I had only glimpsed too but named home? Well, I only saw one being in that brief stare, so opposing to the vast expanses seen in my dreary homeland. It was the sky. Something so simple and mundane to my naive, naive eyes, transformed into this beacon of wonder! The 100 year sky the locals named it, the fueller and end of war. Well, dear reader, the sky was a magnificent, differnt shade of purple; a shade so daringly different from that of the lilac in a rainbow but not so overbearing that it seemed to smother one in an instant. It was a jewel. I later noted how much the sky had symbolised to me in that brief glance: adventure, change.

3. 2. 1. I sat up. Deep breath. Another, deeper breath. 3. 2. 1. One eye opened without seeing - seeing like a blind man sees - lost in memory. Deep breath, penetrate every pore with your oxygen. 3. 2. 1. Both eyes fluttered open like the awakening Sleeping Beauty introduced to the new world. I was no longer the blind man, instead seeing all the wonders of a natural world free from oppression by captor humans amongst a jewelled sky. Had such a beauty ever grazed human eyes? Will it ever again? I hope one day, there will be the chance for you, and your children to see what I saw on that day.

However, if only I'd known the people that inhabited the land were going to be such an uncivil contrast to the pituresque landscape I viewed. But life is so, and living beings were created to destroy. But that is not of importance now. For the start of my memoirs, I would like to begin with some form of optimism there was in this land - the good that came with the bad, the bad that were better than the evil.

The land, the jungle, the most wondrous thing I ever had the good fortune to view that wasn't him. It was that of a fairytale as if it had accidently been handed to this area. As if I was Snow White hiding in this forest that eclisped my beauty. Even though I never had her beauty. Or her heart.

Insignificant me was sat in the hear of the rainforest!

For a while I sat, lost in such a wonderous stupor at where falling out of an insignificant window could lead. A storm, what storm? I was here! The grass stretched up to the height of the common household cats' head - not that there was anything common of this surrounding. Vines were disconcertingly thrown around as it they should suddenly jump to like, awaken by a vibrancy like that of a minuscule child having just leart to walk.

There were flowers! Oh so many flowers; red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, silver, gold, brown, lilac, taupe, duck-egg, creme, cream, peach, violet, metallic, amber, amethyst, fawn, cyan, rose, ivory, jade, mauve, plum, sepia, rust, puce, what chocolate, mixed, so many mixed and so many colours that were un-nameable by man. Un-nameable! That's what it was, what it all was! A beautiful, untarnished, undiscovered land. A beauty that should never be discovered lest it be too detrimental for those that destroy it.

And the sounds! What a form of synaesthesia! The rushing of rapid water across jagged rocks, the hooting of a nighttime bird in the middle of the day! The howl of monkeys using the displaced vines to their advantage. The subtle whispering of a gentle wind that passed through  the upper canopy. The flap of a birds wing. The sway of a petal. The crawl of a bug.

So overwhelmed I was but so unbelievably amazed. I fell into a paradise. Mother, Father, I was free then.

Quick. A ruslte. A sound. A tribal call. A shock from fear.

Someone had come to disturb my paradise far too soon.

The End

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