The Inevitable Storm

Chapter 2:

The 'adventure' began (if it could ever be named by something so positive) on my 3rd day of my 45th week of my 17th year - such an insignificant date to begin all of the torturous loss and misery I was doomed to face. Things I had never encountered before with no-one to encounter them for. Having no knowledge of friendship and love is a blessing - you can never be hurt.

Waiting for 'The Inevitable' in this bening place I called my room, the rain began, shattering the emptiness in the once steely sky, a discouncerting storm, an assault from nature, an attempt to break the oppression we enforce upon it. I was sitting as I always sat; adjacent to the window, stark breeze infiltrating each pore on my neck, reminding me I was alive, not just a mind-filled being. Reminding me I should fear.

The first raindrops, the first sign of the inevitable storm, manouevered their way past the window, finding their target amongst the grey shapes below them and hitting my neck. Oh who cares - what are they but water? I layed there for a while, too badly shrouded in fear and hatred of 'The Inevitable' that I allowed the water to caress my head, moisturising the clumps of matt on my head.

A light flittered across my eyes, a reflection on the walls.

A crack.

A shout.

More lights.

More cracking.

More approaching. As the water began to dribble torrentuosly - binding intricate pattern on a marble forehead, a boaster of the elements - the lightning gradually approached. Crracckkk... Crracckkk... The storm was no longer an idea to the sky, a brewing eventuality, but instead an unstoppable force attempting to smash the world into the atoms it came from. Raindrops were armies assaulting every inch of my body. Trees were alight! The lightning blitzed the world unabashedly - it was its time now whilst we cowered in our humanised houses. It was its time now to change the world - my world.

The sky wasn't empty anymore. I'm no longer alone. The sky was an open blackness, devoid of brilliance until... FLASH. Flash after flash illuminated the land, a bright light - an ending, a beginning - encompassed the land and that of the approaching future. Wow. All I saw through each flash was adventure, an untamed interest - a storm I had never been under mercy enough to see before. Wow. Amazement lined my face as each strike of lightning attacked the Earth that was around me. Wow. The trees howled in the wind, the storm assaulted every sense: smell, touch, taste, sound, sight. Christ, it's cold now. shutting the window should shut this storm off from my senses, shut the impenetrable screeching of the wind.

Shifting my seating, I leaned out to face the window, face the evolving storm and future. Grappling on the hook of the window, I strained to close my fourth story window as the wind grabbed me, surrounded me -  I was the one howling now. I tugged. I pulled. I was assaulted. Until, I was not the one in attack, trying to close the window but I was the one in need of defence as the wind yanked me out of this unhomely world, throwing me outside into the deadly, deadly storm.

I held onto this world... I held... Each finger held as they were attacked, assaulted, abused. Until... Until, I was falling. Falling and falling and falling. Oh please let the ground hit me now, please let hit. Why can't I stop falling? Arms flailing, head dived, I fell into the storm and the life that I am now accustomed to living. Screaming, afraid, I fell.

Destiny awaited.

The End

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