The HardingsMature

Ava Harding sat cross legged on the floor of the living room staring at the screen of her laptop.  She was listening intently to the conversation her mum was having on the phone in the next room.
"Well i was thinking of taking over Mac N Cheese." Cathy Harding said. "Either that or my famous lemon pie. But everyone will be taking pies i'm sure." She paused to listen to what Jackie Freeland said in response then added a "Oh yes that would work, how about we go over together?"
Ava cringed. Why is it when someone dies people feel the need to take food over to the family. It had been 4 hours since Cathy Harding had informed her daughter of Alexis Beddlington's death (after she had informed the neighbours of course).
Ava leaned her head back against the cushioned seat of the sofa and squeezed her eyes shut. Only last month had she tried to talk to her old friend but got rejected and now she was dead. Her phone bleeped in her pocket. She reached in and pulled it out. She had a message:

Ava guess you heard about Lex.
You don't think she did it because
of you know what do you?


Ava looked down at the screen. Evie Scarlotte had not talked to her in over a year and now she was texting her. She clicked the Reply button.

How am i meant to know?
We didn't talk remember.


Clicking send she set her phone back in her pocket.
"Right! I'm going to the shop. Want anything?" Asked Cathy walking into the room.
"Nah i'm good but i might tag along." said Ava looking up at her mum. Her phone bleeped again and she flipped it open

Meet up okay?
You know where
1 hour


"Actually mum, i'm going out." Ava said standing up and leaving the room.

The End

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