The ScarlottesMature

The next morning it was all over the news. "sixteen year old girl kills self in drunken state" read the paper's headline.

Kaitlyn Scarlotte stood leaning against the kitchen counter with her eyes fixed to the Television screen. Her husband Charlie Scarlotte mirrored her.
"such a shame." he said for the 10th time that morning. "And Evie was so close to her".
"They grew a part years ago Charles, But yes i think it will still be hard on her. Just think, poor Peggy finding her like that. Who in their right mind would kill themselves?"
Kaitlyn Scarlotte stirred the beans on the stove.
"Well, Are you telling Evie or am i? She needs to know before she goes to school." Charlie asked his wife.
"I'm not sending her to school. I doubt anyone in Milston is sending their children today."

Unknown to the Scarlotte parents, their daughter Evie was sat at the top of the stairs listening to every word they spoke. Shes dead. Shes dead. I never thought she'd do it. Evie stared at the wall. Also unknown to her parents she had got a call last night from a very drunk Lexi Beddlington. True, her and Lexi weren't friends anymore. Not real friends. But they had been and now she was gone.
Evie stood up and walked down the stairs. She went to the kitchen and slouched down into the nearest chair. Both of her parents glanced at her then away quickly.
"I already know." She said. "I know what the stupid bitch did okay? and as for the not going to school thing, awesome. A day off." At that Evie got up, made her way back up stairs and into her room.

Evie picked up her phone and flicked through the old photos of her and Lexi. Deleting each and every one. Until she came to the last one. This picture had Three girls in it. All 14 years of age and all smiling. Evie knew the smiles weren't real. Not a single one. All three girls, herself, Lexi and Ava, had issues when this was taken. All three were depressed. She decided to keep this picture. This one was real. Back when they were there for each other. Back when they were one.

Kaitlyn Scarlotte wanted her daughter to mope around the house all day. She wanted her to cry and scream. She wanted her to show anything but that plain expression on her face.  But Evie went outside and lay on the back deck. Letting the midsummer sun soak into her skin.
"You'll get too hot." Said Kaitlyn after 3 hours of watching her daughter sunbathe.
"No i wont." Evie answered. Truth was Evie wasn't even feeling the heat at all. Even though sweat was pooling in her belly button. She felt nothing.

The End

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