The Milston SuicidesMature

When three teens from the small town of Milston commit suicide within a few months of each other, the families and friends left behind try to discover why. As dark secrets are reviled the parents of Milston start to wonder how well they really know their children...

Peggy Beddlington sat bolt upright in her bed. She had the strangest feeling that something was terribly wrong. She glanced over at her sleeping husband, tempted to wake him. No, she thought. He'd only tell her not to be silly and go back to sleep. In sted she pulled back her covers and set her feet on the hardwood floor of her bedroom.
Putting on her dressing gown, she padded across the floor and slid silently out the door into the dim light of the landing.

She first checked the door to her right. Opening in the door just a little she could see her sixteen year old son sleeping soundly in his bed. Shutting the door she turned to the room next to it. The door was ajar and she could plainly see an empty bed where her daughter should have been sleeping.

Walking swiftly back to her own room, Peggy Beddlington woke her husband.
"Jim. JIM!" she hissed shaking his arm."Jim! Lexi isn't in her bed".
Mr. Beddlington stirred, "What do you mean not in her bed?"
"Jim! Lexi is not in her bed. She is not in her room! she was when we went to bed and now she is gone!"
Mr. Beddlington was up and out of his bed in seconds sliding into the shirt of his pajamas. Both him and his wife left their room and entered Lexi's, flicking on the light.
It was true. The bed was neat and tidy yet the floor was littered with clothes.
"Hush Peggy. Do you hear that? The Televison down stairs is on".
Quickly the parents made their way down stairs and into the lit sitting room where the TV was playing to itself. Mr. Beddlington picked up an empty bottle of vodka.
"Well, I think we need to have a talk with her". He said crossly.
"I'll check the bathroom, shes probably passed out over the toilet again". Replied his wife.
Leaving the room she crossed the hallway, into the kitchen and through into the conservatory. There she could see the small stream of light from under the bathroom door. Peggy Beddlington knocked,"Lexi? Lexi are you in there?"
No reply. She knocked several more times before noticing a slight odor. A coppery matallic smell. Peggy Beddlington was now pounding on the door. "LEXI! ARE YOU HURT? COME ON DARLING OPEN THE DOOR!!!" Mr. Beddlington upon hearing his wife's cries and frantic knocking rushed into the room. He grasped the handle and yanked but to no avail. "Lexi! OPEN THE DOOR!" but still no answer.
"Whats goin' on?" Yawned their son, Ben as he came up behind them.
"Stand back" said Mr. Beddlington as he braced himself then launched at the door.
With cracking sound the door gave in and flung open on its hinges.
 A crimson painted floor. A dead girls body. A lone razor-blade.
The Beddlingtons world shattered to pieces...

The End

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