Gabriel was busying himself repairing bits of the shack, a massive storm had hit the previous night, ripping part of the walls and roof from the now dilapidated building. When he suddenly felt a sensation like pins and needles the back of his head. He looked up horrified , “Sylver” he thought. He had always been closest to his twin and he knew something was unmistakably wrong . 

He dropped the material in his hands and taking a running leap his new wings caught the wind. He sped towards the desolate wasteland searching desperately for the spot where he had first landed when he leaped from the cliffs of Paradise as a fallen angel. When he’d located the place he was looking for he stopped and looked up. Adjusting his position he moved back slightly and putting his arms out bracing himself.Sylver readied himself for the impact; the ground was coming up fast. He felt tears leave his eyes as the cold wind blew fiercely into them . He closed his eyes and then his fall stopped more suddenly than he expected. Something had caught him, a pair of arms; he looked up into a pair of icy blue eyes and a familiar face. 

"Hello" Gabriel smiled
“Gabriel?” he asked as they touched down onto the sandy ground and he looked at the creature in front of him. Sylver stood looking his twin up and down as blood dripped onto the sand from his slit wings.The creature in front of him was not at all like the Gabriel he knew, this one was thin, much thinner than he once was. His hair was messy but still kept the same, long and silver tied into a long braid. But his skin was pale and his hands, if you could even call them that, were hard and cold. 
Gabriel grinned as Sylver just looked at him, “How can two years change someone so much?” 
Gabriel frowned confused “Two years? I’ve only been down here for two weeks” he insisted.

Sylver shook his head, a feeling of guilt swept over him. “ In Paradise two years have passed, brother.” he stated. 
Gabriel was used to understanding most things, now he didn’t seem to understand anything. He smiled sadly at his twin and they walked together back to Gabriel's small shack.

The End

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