the midway (mark 2)Mature

The space was well lit, if anyone had been watching they would have seen a male figure walking slowly and purposefully down the long ornate corridor. He seemed to be almost reluctant to proceed any further as he stopped outside a set of massive, beautifully carved double doors.  He paused and took a deep breath and pushed them open, walking into the large, elaborate throne room. 

The huge room was devoid of people apart from him and the woman sitting on a flamboyant throne positioned on a raised dais . Her demeanor was that of a woman in control and her face held a look of contempt yet she was beautifully dressed in flowing white robes which covered the lower portions of her seat of power . She watched as the figure entered the room and knelt on one knee before her, his beautifully feathered wings spread slightly to avoid hitting the floor.

"Rise” she said quietly. The figure on the floor stood up and linked his hands behind his back, his booted feet slightly spread, and his eyes cast down to the floor. The woman rose , and walked down the small steps leading from the dais .   She stopped and looked up into the eyes of the taller figure in front of her. Although she was smaller than the man and had to look up slightly to see his face, there was no question as to who was in charge. 

“Gabriel.” she said quietly. “I have received some news about you.” She smiled.  When Gabriel looked at her, he recognized the smile, it meant trouble, but never had it been aimed at him before. She looked toward a small door to her left and instantaneously it swung open. Two angels came in dragging a third between them . At the sight of the wounded angel a flash of recognition crossed Gabriel’s face . He had to fight the urge to move and help him.   He tensed when he saw a line of blood dripping down from the angels face; a darker line ran from his right eye to the corner of his mouth.

The woman, Aura, turned back to Gabriel with a look of disgust , “Gabriel, you may be my son but the news that you are having a…” she paused searching for the right word, “relationship, with this peasant is disturbing.” She stopped and waited for him to speak; but he said nothing, and just carried on looking at the floor. 

His mother walked up to him, put a hand under his chin and made him look at her. His bright blue eyes burned into hers, “Do you deny this rumor?” she said quietly. He looked at her for only a moment longer. “No” he said simply and she released him. “So Gabriel not only are you breaking the rules of class, you are also in a homosexual relationship with this creature” Aura spat. All traces of pleasantries gone she continued “You are the heir to my throne. How do you propose to carry on the lineage if you are disobeying my direct orders?” Gabriel said nothing. 

The main doors opened again and Gabriel glanced sideways to see four figures enter the room. 
“Mother” one of them addressed her, they all sank to one knee then rose again in unison, “You sent for us?” Aura smiled. “Yes, Maxwell” she said as she moved away from Gabriel and back up the steps towards her throne. This time she did not sit down, “This… creature,” she nodded her head toward Gabriel, “is no longer a member of this family. He is no longer the heir to my throne, and is no longer anyone’s son, brother or…” she looked at the wounded angel still being held up by his arms and smiled nastily, “…partner.”Gabriel finally looked up at his mother he felt fire running through his veins. He knew what was coming next he had seen it often enough while standing at her side . “I sentence this creature to exile, for crimes against the crown.” 

Gabriel steeled himself for the next part. Aura pulled a knife from her robes. As she moved back down the steps, one of his brothers moved forward. Gabriel shook his head at him, and Sylver stepped back.   The others cast their eyes to the floor knowing they could just have easily been experiencing the consequences of another of Aura’s power displays. As Aura moved around behind her son, she took hold of one of his wings. Gabriel braced himself, willing himself not to make a sound as the blade slit his wings rendering them useless. He stayed standing perfectly straight, a look of determination burned on his face, the only noticeable difference being that his breath was now coming in short quick bursts, as thick crimson liquid rolled down his broken wings and dripped to the floor.

To humiliate Gabriel further, Aura’s set her guards to making a big showing of holding his arms as he was marched through the city from Aura’s huge palace at the center of Paradise. Gabriel didn’t fight or argue there was no point.  Some angels from the city joined the small procession as it snaked through the streets to the edge of the city and exited the gates. He stood on the edge of the cliff as his mother said her piece. 

The guards had let go of Gabriel once they reached the cliff , they had done as they were instructed but saw no need to hold him. Most of them and the angels in the city respected Gabriel, unlike his mother. “Gabriel Black-Lightning” Aura was saying “You have been found guilty of crimes against the crown. Do you have anything to say before your sentence is carried out?”

Gabriel turned away from her, “Actually, I do mother” he said loudly “F-ck You.” He moved quickly and jumped off the edge of the cliff.  He could hear shouting above him as he fell through layer after layer of the billowing white clouds . He smiled to himself knowing how infuriated his mother must have been that he had taken advantage of the situation, and taken his final moments to strike at her ego. There was nothing she could do to change the situation, he knew she had not expected his response and she was mortified. In his mind he fell slowly, and the last thought he had as he sped towards the ground below him was how much he needed a cigarette, he smiled again. Then everything went black.

The End

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