Trial Ending (depending on the comments I get)Mature

Gabriel was dreaming, he had to be this couldn’t be real. He was in paradise with all of his brothers around him laughing and joking. There was a hand of cards face down on the table in front of him. He looked at Sylver and realized how much his twin had changed since they all came to the Midway. Maxwell looked happy and was laughing carefree and young. Gabriel shook his head and looked at Daryll and Tairas they were on another table playing chess, Daryll chatting non-stop as Tairas tried to play. He smiled and picked the cards up looking at them. They were all aces he frowned.

“Something wrong, my lord?” a guard nearby said, Gabriel shook his head.

“No” he mumbled, “everything’s fine.”

The room suddenly plunged into darkness and Gabriel dropped the handful of cards. He stood up, his brothers were gone he was alone. He couldn’t see a thing, stumbling blindly he tried to find a wall, a wall meant a door somewhere.

“Hello” a voice said behind him, Gabriel spun around in the dark.

“Whose there?” he shouted into the darkness,

“Gabriel” the voice said, Gabriel lashed out hoping to hit something. “Gabriel” the voice said again.



Dawn stood over Gabriel, his hands wrapped around Gabriel's wrists. The vampyre had almost caught the daemons face with his claws.

“Gabriel” Dawn said firmly, a frown creased the vampyres face.

“Sire,” Deacon said “what are his nightmares about?” Dawn looked at him in disbelief.


“I’m just thinking it’s not normal to have dreams when you’re unconscious” Deacon added.

“Not normal is what I do” a groggy voice came form the bed. “Do you want to let me go, Dawn” Gabriel said, his icy eyes settling on Dawn's.

“Not really” Dawn said but he let go anyway and sat down next to the medical bed. Gabriel made a noise of displeasure as he looked around.

“I’m back in this shithole” he grumbled, he moved trying to sit up.

“Not a good idea sweetie” Dawn said.

“Dawn, stop calling me that” Gabriel growled, he sat himself up. The skin on his back felt tight and sore. “How long, have I been down here?”
“A week” Deacon said, despite Dawn shaking his head at him. Gabriel glared at Dawn,

“Why don’t you want me to know that?” he asked

“I didn’t think you’d like the idea.” Dawn replied.

“I don’t, but I’m more curious to know why I’m naked” Gabriel said pulling the blanket around himself. Dawn just smiled.

Gabriel glared at him and dawn passed him a shirt and a pair of jeans. Gabriel took them but didn’t move.

“A little privacy, dawn?” he asked after a moment. Dawn grinned and stood up, deacon began to hobble towards the door. Dawn just stood there, Gabriel glared up at him.

“I like your new wings” Dawn smiled, he ran a hand over the soft, still slightly tender skin of Gabriel's new wings the light bounced of them like petrol on water.

“Thanks” Gabriel said, Dawn lay a hand on each side of Gabriel's face.

“You’re welcome” Dawn lifted Gabriel's face to look at him, “I’m glad you’re okay.” Dawn kissed Gabriel's forehead gently then turned and left leaving a shocked Gabriel alone in the clinical little room 

The End

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