Dawn stood up and walked around behind Gabriel.

“Sweetie I need to have a look okay?” Dawn asked, Gabriel let his head fall back so he could see Dawn.

“No point” he mumbled.


“No point” Gabriel repeated, it took a massive effort for him to lift his head again.

“There may be no point but I’m still going to” Dawn said

“Mmkay” Gabriel closed his eyes again. Dawn crouched behind Gabriel and pulled the splits in his shirt open. He swore again, two huge gashes ran from the top to the bottom of Gabriel's shoulder blades. Both of his wings had gone, leaving gaping holes behind.

“Gabriel, I’m going to have to sew these up” Dawn said.

“No point Dawn” Gabriel mumbled

“Why do you keep saying that?”

“Look again Dawn.” Deacon said, Dawn looked at him and saw a look of vague horror on the daemons face. Dawn did so but still couldn’t see anything but the large wounds. Deacon sat down heavily on the floor unable to crouch due to his injured leg. He pointed something out that Dawn hadn’t seen a thin, long shape beneath Gabriel's skin, one on each side of his back.

“Gabriel.” Dawn said quietly going back around to crouch in front of the vampyre. Gabriel looked at him his body was rocking slightly in the chair. “You’re growing new wings” Gabriel nodded

“I know” Gabriel's voice was almost a whisper

“What do you want me to do?” Deacon asked struggling to stand, Dawn looked up at him.

“Just stick around, he might need you” Dawn said, his mind was screaming at him to help Gabriel but it was no good panicking. Dawn lifted Gabriel out of the chair and sat down on the edge of the bed Gabriel on his lap. The vampyre made a half hearted effort to move but Dawn held tight onto him. Dawn tipped his head to the side,

“Gabriel” he said Gabriel looked at the exposed skin and frowned.

“No” he said

“Gabriel you have too.” Dawn said his voice had a hint of urgency behind it.

“Gabriel” Deacon sat next to Dawn so Gabriel could see him, the vampyres black eyes made him move away slightly. “Listen, you need to feed.”

“I want to sleep” Gabriel argued.

“Feed a little, then you can sleep” Deacon smiled, Gabriel thought about the proposal for a moment then nodded.

“Deacon, turn the lights off” Dawn said, he shuddered slightly as Gabriel lay his head on the daemons shoulder.

“Why?” Deacon asked getting up anyway.

“A little dignity, for both of us” Dawn hissed as Gabriel's teeth sank into his neck just above the collarbone, missing the carotid artery which wouldn’t have stopped bleeding if Gabriel had caught it.

Dawn felt like someone was pulling his insides out through his neck, he grimaced trying not to make a sound.

Gabriel pulled away his pupils pinpricks again, pain tore through his back.

“Okay, that hurts” Gabriel forced his voice to work.

“Well now you have blood in you” Dawn said the bruised muscle in his neck protested as he lifted Gabriel up and put him back in the chair. “You can have painkillers” Dawn finished. He nodded at Deacon and vanished, Deacon turned on the light again and sat down on the bed.

“Are you alright?” the daemon asked. Gabriel nodded,

“I’ll be alright” Gabriel tensed as the tearing pain tore through his back again. Dawn reappeared and Gabriel jumped.

“Don’t do that” Gabriel shouted.

“Do what?” Dawn asked he had a sealed syringe in his hand.

“Appear all over the place, it not normal.” Dawn actually laughed, then clapped his hand to the sore muscle in his neck.

“I’m sorry” he smiled.

“S’alright” Gabriel mumbled, his back tensed and he gritted his teeth. Dawn knelt down behind him and took the cover from the needle.

“Sire I don’t think you’re going to need that until later” Deacon said, Dawn stood up.


“He’s out” Deacon smiled, Gabriel had passed out in the chair.



The End

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