Blood LossMature

He ran through the lounge and up the stairs. Deacon saw his lord running and followed as swiftly as he could on his bandaged ankle. Maxwell, Raoul and Tairas had gone outside to see if they could help.

Dawn took the stairs three at a time and hammered on Gabriel's door.

“Gabriel?” he shouted, he heard an indistinct noise from inside and forced open the door.


Gabriel was looking in his mirror,

“I look like shit” he mumbled to himself. He shut the wardrobe door and moved slowly to the bed. He pulled the duvet around making the bed. He was biting his lip harder and harder as he worked. The blood was dripping down his chin now, he withdrew his sharp teeth from his lip.

His body convulsed and he collapsed as a sharp ripping pain tore through his back. It was gone as quickly as it had started and he gingerly twisted himself into a sitting position and leant carefully back against the bed, breathing hard.

He felt blood slowly pooling around him, dripping quickly from his ruined wing. He pulled his cigarettes from his pocket.

“Crap” he swore as he lit his cigarette, his brain wouldn’t let him think much more than that.

Around ten minutes passed and he crushed the cigarette on the blood pool around him and laid his head back on the bed.



Dawn opened the bedroom door by ramming his shoulder into it. Gabriel was sat on the dark carpet next to the bed. His back rested against the bed itself and hi head was leant back on the mattress. Dawn walked forward slowly, then his boot made a squelching sound as he walked near to Gabriel he crouched down touching the carpet and swore quietly at the red stain on his fingers.

“Language” Gabriel scolded drunkenly, Dawn jumped slightly.

“Gods Gabriel, I thought you were asleep” Gabriel hadn’t moved, his eyes were shut and his breathing was shallow.

“Almost” Gabriel breathed, he sounded strangely happy. Dawn slid his arm beneath Gabriel legs and the other around his shoulders. The vampyre winced slightly but didn’t complain as he was lifted off the blood drenched carpet.

Gabriel felt too light to Dawn and the daemon couldn’t work out why. He sat Gabriel on the wooden chair and crouched in front of him.

“Sire?” Deacon came into the room hobbling slightly.

“Deacon,” Dawn shook his head he had no idea what to do

“Sire, where are his wings?” Deacon asked. Dawn looked back at Gabriel and saw both of his wings were missing.

“Gabriel?” Dawn lifted Gabriel's head “what happened?” Gabriel smiled his mouth was a bloody mess.

“It came off” he said his voice harsh and cracked. His eyes still weren’t open and Dawn frowned.

“Look at me, sweetie” he said softly. Gabriel frowned

“I want to sleep” he grumbled.

“Not yet” Dawn said, Gabriel's eyes cracked open and Dawn almost lost his composure. The colour was gone the pupil was huge filling most of Gabriel's eyes and blocking the blue out.   

“shit” Dawn hissed 

The End

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